Saturday, August 6, 2011

review on friends with benefits

i swear to god!!i jus watched friends with benefits and il send u the review...:)

im sorry..i jus cried..and i feel stupid..coz i have no words to tell u how fucking awesome it was...and i noe i was suppose to write a review as soon as i watched it...but im telling u..this is no movie to wait for...go buy a pirated cd or download from an illegal website and watch the fucking shit!!!..its awesome like beyond awesome!!!!...i swear..or u can kill me,sue me..wateca makes u happy..

thats all for now..i cant upload the copy of the movie i have here..soo umm...go find it!!!!!!!like now...gooo...gooo..goooo!!!!!!..quick!!wat u doing reading this??!!!!!GOOOOO!!!!

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