Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Know What I'm Talking About!

Quotes from Friends With Benefits

‎''din understand what i was saying..then dont be a dick about it'' 

‎''why dont they eva make a movie about what happens after the big kiss??..they do..its called porn!''

''no emotion...jus sex..whateva happens...we stay frends...swear??..swear..swear..''

''i noe i act all though..and talk all thought..but its jus to protect me from my own vulnarability''

''l.o.m.b.a.r.d...lots of money but a real durb''

''it is nice to have met you...and your pants are coming off.....''

''does she have a penis where most gurls have a vagina??''

''its not about who you wna spend friday night with...its who you wna spend all saturday with..''..

''you want a man whom you can take on the world with..thats your prince charming..''

''before we were sex without emotion and now we are emotion without sex??''

im in love with the movie...seriously..justin in the movie umm..yummy??..would be so cool if i had a real life justin....

all i need now is a drink and and preety sure the movie is gona be on repeat will monday...

review on friends with benefits

i swear to god!!i jus watched friends with benefits and il send u the review...:)

im sorry..i jus cried..and i feel stupid..coz i have no words to tell u how fucking awesome it was...and i noe i was suppose to write a review as soon as i watched it...but im telling u..this is no movie to wait for...go buy a pirated cd or download from an illegal website and watch the fucking shit!!!..its awesome like beyond awesome!!!!...i swear..or u can kill me,sue me..wateca makes u happy..

thats all for now..i cant upload the copy of the movie i have here..soo umm...go find it!!!!!!!like now...gooo...gooo..goooo!!!!!!..quick!!wat u doing reading this??!!!!!GOOOOO!!!!


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