Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas and My 20th Birthday, The Best 2011 Highlight

Ooo!!!Before I begin!! Thought I should show ya'll this awesome Launch with Bill Tan a.k.a @gugubird.

Credits to Tian Chad for the photo.

So, on the 27th of December 2011,was the best day of the entire year of 2011 and I couldn't possibly think of a better way to end this fabulous year. I celebrated my 20th birthday with my family and some very close friends. We had an open house for dinner, and the party lasted till 8a.m in the morning!!

From here on, it will be a photo story..ENJOY!!!:)

Home baked cookies by our model - Ratnarajah!

 Paul Chua and Anne Yap - From Team Bug's Life

The Gang!!! - Team Bug's Life

 My Bff - Rachel Pang and Albert Heng

An amazing suprise!! - Grandaunt ,Granduncle and Uncle

Passionate turkey lover - Louise Perez

  Everyone that showed up - Awesome people!

Cutting of my tiny little cheese cake..*making my wish* have a happy and prosperous 2012

 Feeding Mummy - Janet Michael

Feeding brother cake - Daniel Michael

Cake slapped my was my birthday and he got cake slapped!!!*evil smirk*

Mum, me and Dad...thank you for the awesome birthday bash!!

Ze cake!!

 GIRLS!!! Indian,Malay and Bidayuh!

 The blissful face of satisfaction!! Food was awesome!

 Finally had a chance to sit down and eat...

 And yet..posing with food in my mouth!!

  Pretty little girls..:)

 My baby brother and Louise

 Little Boys - Kevin and Kaarthik

 Me and my little aunt from Serian,Kuching,Sarawak.

Little drunk boys...

 A model for Tiger Beer?

 Me and Kevin the casualty!!! 

The following pictures were taken by ME!!:)

Brother and Eldest little aunt from Serian,Kuching Sarawak.

 Mummy and Yelli!

Brother with youngest little aunt

 Aww..isn't she just a doll??

I would like to thank everyone who came on the night of the 27th of December 2011 to celebrate my birthday with me and a big thank you for those who brought me gifts and thank you all for the wishes via text,calls all the way from India and Australia, facebook and twitter and to those who skyped in,you know who you are!!! A big huge thank you to fellow bloggers who came as well - Choulyin and Henry!!!

The biggest and most heartfelt gratitude goes out to my family Dad,Mommy and Baby Bird as well as little Bloom who made it happen!!! Couldn't think of a better way to end 2011..:)

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Ideal Sex for Malaysian Couples: The Harder, The Better

Erectile Dysfunction. What is Erectile Dysfunction?? Erectile Dysfunction(ED) is defined by the extend to which a man can achieve and/or maintain sufficient erection hardness for satisfying sexual experience.

Simplified English :-  Y U BIRDIE NO STAND UP?or Y U BIRDIE NO HARD?

So, when I put out the *sneek peak*, I had questions of

1. I don't smoke,but drink occasionally,is my 'Birdie' okay??

2. What are the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction??

Join in as Prof. Dr. Low Wah Yun (Professor of Psychology, University Malaya), Prof. Dr. Ong Teng Aik (Consultant Urologist, University Malaya Medical Centre) and Tiong Sue Lynn (Blogger: Bangsar Babe) unravel the secrets to Demystifying Erection Hardness Beyond Sex.

 Any discussion on the topic of erection hardness is guaranteed to get people squirming or giggling. Truth is, it is a very serious matter and to many couples, including Malaysians, erection hardness is no laughing matter.

Good news Malaysian women - most Malaysian men placed top priority on the importance of achieving and giving sexual satisfaction to their partners. They believe that all physical aspects in a sexual relationship such as quality of erection hardness at Grade 4, ability to maintain an erection, orgasm intensity, duration and frequency of sexual intercourse leads to more pleasurable sexual experiences for themselves and their partners.

Hard is Good for the Heart

Hot bedroom action aside, the quality of erection can affect the self-esteem and self-worth of both men and women. When both the man and his partner are sexually and physically satisfied, their emotional and psychological needs are fulfilled too.

 Prof. Dr. Ong Teng Aik, Consultant Urologist of University Malaya Medical Centre giving his thoughts from the urological perspective of men’s health to the media. 

“The quality of a man’s erection hardness affects his and his partner’s emotional and psychological needs. For a man, when his emotional and psychological needs are fulfilled, he has a better self-image and confidence of himself. With a fulfilling sexual intimacy, his partner also feels more loved,” said Prof. Dr. Low Wah Yun, who is a professor of psychology at the Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya during a discussion session with media organized by Pfizer to share and discuss the results of the Ideal Sex Survey 2011, along with Prof. Dr. Ong Teng Aik, Associate Professor and Consultant Urologist with University Malaya Medical Centre. Also participated in the discussion were food blogger Tiong Sue Lynn a.k.a BangsarBabe and her husband, Low Wei Jien.

Prof. Dr. Low Wah Yun, Professor of Psychology with University Malaya sharing her point of view from the psychological aspects on men’s sexual health to the media. 

Low Wei Jien, sharing his stories on married life with Tiong Sue Lynn a.k.a. Bangsar Babe.

He Says, She Says
 Blogger Tiong Sue Lynn and her husband, Wei Jien who just got married recently agreed that while they are newly wedded couple, still enjoying the honeymoon period, the session opened their eyes to a different aspect of sexual intimacy. 

Sharing a laugh during the discussion on the psychological and physical aspects of men’s sexual health. From left: Prof Dr Ong Teng Aik, Prof Dr Low Wah Yun, Susan Lankester (standing), Low Wei Jien and Tiong Sue Lynn.

What most men are unaware of is that poor quality erection is a recognized early symptom for cardiovascular disease, as it often occurs concurrently with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and heart disease, “said Prof Ong. 

Don’t Sweep under the Sheets

When so much is at stake, couples should not discount the issue of quality of erection hardness as it not affects the intimacy between a couple, but can affect the well being of the emotion and health.

We hope that this discussion has managed to overcome the barrier on the topic of erection not just for the patients and their partners, but also to the healthcare providers from whom the patients seek advice and treatment. With the correct approach and management, we believe that these patients will be able to enjoy a better quality of life with their partners,” added Prof. Ong.

Thank you for reading!!!My name is Anita Joyce and I cover lifestyle events in Kuala Lumpur, food reviews, movies, tech and other random stuff. ''Like''my facebook pageto stay tuned for updates!You may contact me via my email at anita.joyce[at]rocketmail[dot]com


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