Monday, October 31, 2011

Secret Admirer in the Office:)

Okay, so today being Monday, I was so tired and lazy to go to work after such a hectic weekend. 
But anyways, got my lazy butt up and got to work and well, I was on the normal routine.
E-mails,Facebook,Blog and more E-mail then began working.

I work for an Online Retail company which happens to be doing very well at the present moment and looks like we have a bright future ahead of us.

It was then lunch time when, filled my belly with some yummylicious food and came back to check my E-mails, when i found this!

This was done for the fun off it..but my god!!..the entire office has a good laugh...because Customer Care e-mails go to everyone!!!We have a number of personnel in our customer service team..and we didn't know who this came from..and imagine receiving the bottom email in your inbox!! how creepy is that?...and then later receiving the reply!!..We all had a good laugh!!..

A day in the office, with crazy fun people..:)

Astro B.yond IPTV Hollywood and Celebrities Night!!!:)

WoooHoooooo!!!!! I Love Astro B.yond IPTV!!!!  I am pretty much speechless as to 
how to put the awesome experience in words. 

So, I went for the event alone, coz Kak Lin had an unfortunate incident that happened to her the night before. I went dressed as Angelina Jolie, coz that was my answer to the question plus, we have the same initials!!:)

The gown for the evening..:)
I was late! My brother sent me,and we were going in circles looking for the place..and we finally found it!!.. 
Registered myself, got my goodie bag, filled in a slogan and stuck it on the wall of ''Slogan Fame''

"Astro B.Yond IPTV Is The One And Only Line You'll Ever Need Because..." 

Then, walked on out to go sit in the tent where Adam C was giving everyone an insight to what Astro B.yond IPTV is all about. 
That was where I met Tian Chad! My former working colleague. You can check out his blog here.

 When it was ''Makan Time!!''...I met an old-school friend!! 

                         He came as Sir Elton John, and well I went as Angelina Jolie (AJ) he said i have more of a Halle Barry vibe going on:)

After dinner, we had a game to play!! YAY!! It was a simple game of elimination. It's called ''Who Kidnapped Kak Limah''. We had 5 check points, of which there were specific representatives of the event we had to ask 2 out of 3 questions each per check point, and when we have the answer, we had to go to the Concourse area where Adam C will be waiting for the answer. I ran with high heels, in an evening gown!!! Our team did not win, but the answer was...

'' Kak Limah was kidnapped by Mary-kate Olsen with a Hula -hoop at Chillax''

The best part was that, no one could find Adam C at the place he was supposed to be! Nevertheless, congratulations to the winning team who won a RM500 shopping voucher.

The Super Awesome Amazing Team E!!!:)

After all the running around like a bunch of ''Loons on the Loose", we finally settled our selves down to enjoy some reaaally sticky sweet cotton candy and some water.

The sticky cotton candy that got stuck to my hair!!!

Haha, Joshua got so hot we had to fan him!!

So, while waiting around for Adam C to announce the winner's of all the various categories of competition they had, I decided to go grab some pictures with some Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious people!!

First up,

Mr.Worldwide!!!! Pittbull...

Thats me after running a marathon!

Next, Captain America!!

And guess who i saw!!! Joel Wong!!!

*pause for a moment of kembang-ness*

And his Oh-So-Gorgeous date, Marilyn Monroe! One of the top 5 Best Dressed Finalist!

And since it's Halloween, there were people dressed up as zombies and other characters, here's a picture of us with one of them.


                                And finally then Adam C, comes on stage to announce the winners of Best Dressed Female!

*Pardon the blur picture*
Nominees are...*jeng..jeng..jeng!*

*Drum roooooollll* The winner of the Best Dressed Female goes to Peggy Carter!!!!

And the nominees of the Best Dressed Male are...

                                     And the winner of Best Dressed Male goes to Lady Gaga!!
*standing ovation for the effort!!*

Adam C with the final announcements.

What was in the goodie bags you ask? 

Some preety cool freebies!!:)

                                                        Now that, is a party to remember!

Here are some links to some fantastic entry's (with a picture of me) of the event!!

*will add more when i find them*

I'm preety sure you want to know what all the fuss about an ordinary event is all about right? Well hun, we ain't no talking ordinary when it comes to Astro B.yond IPTV because..

1) If it rains, you can still watch Astro like nothing's happening.
2) The logo reminds me of a coloured worm.
3) It's broadband is freaking fast!
4) It's pronounced I-P-TV not IP-TV
5) You'll get HD Channels + PVR (Personal Video Recorder) + VOD (Video On Demand)
6) Fixed Line

Seriously, do you need me to say more?? Go register your self for the Astro B.yond IPTV and start living life the awesome way!!!:)

Xoxo..Mwah..mwah..Love ya'll loadsss!!:)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ZE lion king...:)

Gather around kids!!! Lemme tell you a story, One day a lion cub was born...It's name was Simba! Simba was born into the acceptance of his royal destiny. Simba,then begins life as an honored prince,as the son of powerful King Mufasa. The cub's happy childhood turns tragic when his evil uncle,Scar murders Mufasa and drives away Simba from the kingdom. In exile, the young lion befriends the comically bumbling pair of Pumbaa the warthog and Timon the meerkat, and he lives in a carefree jungle life.As he approaches adulthood,however, he is visited by the spirit of his father,who instructs him to defeat the nefarious Scar and reclaim his rightful throne!

*SCREATTCHHEESSSSSS!!*STOPPPPPPP* ..You wanna see Simba in person??

I didn't hear ya...


Was that still a NO???



I proudly present to you..ME:)

And then what happened was...i had a fan..instantly!

LOL!LOL! haih..anyway...this is what happens when i get bored..i noe u love me..and i love u too..xoxo..mwah!mwah!:)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The First Invitation..:)

Okay, so. i have some very very super exciting news to tell you!!! I was on my normal routine, back from work, do the laundry, then shower and finally sit on the lappy to blog/fb/stumble/tweet/etc..and now you maybe wondering,what what was so exceptional about last night?

Last night was AMAZING because i received a fantastic e-mail. Now,how did i get what i got? I'll tell you. Not to long ago i received an e-mail from Nuffnang,its the monthly newsletter updates, and i saw this one competitions, and i was like wth jus answer la for fun.

And so i did. This is my answer. *I AM NOT A MOM*

And then what happened was, I received this e-mail.

And then, i had to fill this form up to confirm attendance.

If you know me, you'd know im a loud loon. the first thing i did was, scream..then cry..then call sabrina,mummy and bird...then kak lin..and asked her to go with me for this coz everybody else has finals/midterm..

Really looking forwards to attending the event next weekend...TC's gona be there,so its gona be fun!!!:)

Mwah!mwah!..See ya'll real soon!!XOXO..:)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Brazilian waxing..not cool..

 ''as a lil girl i always dreamed a of a tall dark handsome lad to come sweeping me off my feet. as of now..i dream he also comes intact with a brain and a dash of maturity to go with it .'' - Briggita Lydia Rajendran.

Now,inline with my current status on facebook, i would like to tell you some very personal private details on how the it is like to be a women..Let's go over the details shall we?

Wondering why the randomness? Well,today i experimented..on well some girl thing..and then realised..i never knew how much pain it was...coz i always did it the not painfull,i know a large number of ppl i know watch porn. Have you ever wondered how the hell she got so clean in the u noe wer? tell god its painfull!!.. do it the traditional way n ul never feel a thing..and geez..this was bloody painfull..

Women bleed for every darn reason man!!..Period/menstruation,waxing,child birth,threading(only if wrongly done), and etc..and so..the next time you wna tell me i have no balls..go wax your self then come talk to me...

* DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU ARE EATING* dont say i didnt warn ya..:)

PS:...No i did not do what u tink i did..this entry is by request!!!..god u ppl..pls...i would not disclose MY personal private stuff in public..tank u.

And now watch a man with balls do it..:)

Now,i hope you will never look at a women the way u use to..if u think this is painfull...try having menstruation..then try giving birth..then try being discriminated, then they tell you..''you have no balls''..i say..fuck you..coz you cant do/endure hallf the things we go thru.

Peace out..mwah!mwah!..i love ya'll:)

And as for the person who commented on the previous entry, i have replied it..dont forget to check it out.

Tweets that mean something..:)

Maybe i'm just stupid. You never love me. You are just..trying to make me feel better. But no. I feel more hurt.

I die a little inside every time you use the word "friend" to describe me.

Congrats cause you just had a new girlfriend. And it means I never really can't be yours. I feel I wanna cry :'( </3

You might have ruined my past, screwed up my present but I won't let you touch my future.

If you're not here, I'm paralyzed

I wish I got a notification saying "Your crush is viewing your profile now." And "Your crush has just left your profile."

Aku suka bila kau ketawa.. Kau buat aku senyum ke telinga..

the awkward moment when you realize you are walking in the wrong direction ,so you hit your pockets and pretend you forgot something.

not everyone can accept, like or love whatever that you like. Do respect and I'll do the same.

Sometimes you have to forget how you feel and remember what you deserve.

The real perfect boyfriend, doesn't smoke, doesn't drinks, doesn't cheat, doesn't lies.. And for sure, doesn't exist.

the feeling when you said some words and you really mean them but people dont believe any of it 

Everybody feels different about themselves one way or another, but we all goin' the same way. Just taking different roads to get there.

Some people aren't worth your time or happiness. Love those who love you, leave those who curse you and pray for those who hurt you.

Boys, be the type of guy that you would want your daughter to be with.

A best friend should love you like a mother, protect you like a father, talk to you like a sister, and fight with you like a brother.

I want the "DAMN! You guys are still together?" kind of relationship.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

a note.

My sincere apologize...for the crapy blog entry earlier..i u see have no life..hence..i google weird stuff and find weird things..and..well that was the result..and still getting the hang of blogging from the tablet..not easy..didnt noe the link turned out like that...but now its amended..and geez..the views..are u all trying to kill ur parents?..well..that was NEVER intentional..but if it hapens.. gona have to say this out loud..coz i am most honest with my blog..and if u hapen to read this..which im gona pray from now till i die u never will..

i hoped and i prayed*not true*..that you will never read the 2 previous entries..coz i dunt want u to know..what i write abt u..and how i feel..coz id rather it die jus like that..

u asked mannnnyyy times why i deleted u? tell u why..coz..of the conversation we had just i knew abt that..and..dunt want to be or listen or know more about that why i left..not bcz of the reason i gave u..well that partly..but..that convo..jus the reason why..its 9.32pm 9/10/ if ive chat with u then yes u...jus deleted and gone so i dunt is enough..dunt need another..

i missed u..yes..but its a hell lot better then faking it..dont mean it in a bad jus gona pray u dont read this..but if u it..

im sorry..:(..i jus want wats best for both of us..:)

mwah!mwah! ya'll loadssss..

Monday, October 3, 2011

a little something that means everything...

After meeting today,i realized..i cannot be wonder women..however hard i try to jus be..a 20 teenager who didn't have a proper stuck with her family waiting for a miracle...

Fanning for me,bird and mum is hell not easy wen uve got a life sucking ass sucking the life outta u every waking minute!!!then u go to work thinking u can detach urself from the situation...but NOOOO...ur bosses are well..worst then ur dad is...lord!..hw did i put myself in such a i cant sleep jus tinking about how they abuse ppl and not appreciate anyting we do for them...urrgghh...ive got to quit man..cant be ranting foreva like getting tired of not sleeping and becoming a bloody zombie..i appreciate the opportunity given but rely..its not worth one bit of everything i have to go thru..not to mention the shit pay the offer..and tink like it shud be enaf to support my fly?..puh-leze..i have done productions and i earn 3 to 4 times of the shit salary u pay..and u say..u want me to be focused wen i work there??err..hello??..u try living on the money u pay ppl!!!uurrgghh!!...resign..thats it!..

Here's to a man, i thought meant something..:-

 ive been appreciating the moments u come online, 
regardless on your phone or on skype.

because when ure online, thats the only way im connected to you.
thats the only way i could ever reach u.

i never complaint bout not having enough time
to chat with u.
i never complaint bout not receiving replies from you
when i chat with u.

infact, im sorry for sometime spamming your inbox
with my lame messages.
because all i want, is to know that you're alright.

chatting with you is soo special
that i wouldnt want to make u to wait for my replies,
and i dont mind being the one who wait for yours.

and finally all that i want,
is you to know how special those moments are,
and for you to know how much i appreciate them.

if only you know im talking bout you :)


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