Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Brazilian waxing..not cool..

 ''as a lil girl i always dreamed a of a tall dark handsome lad to come sweeping me off my feet. as of now..i dream he also comes intact with a brain and a dash of maturity to go with it .'' - Briggita Lydia Rajendran.

Now,inline with my current status on facebook, i would like to tell you some very personal private details on how the it is like to be a women..Let's go over the details shall we?

Wondering why the randomness? Well,today i experimented..on well some girl thing..and then realised..i never knew how much pain it was...coz i always did it the not painfull,i know a large number of ppl i know watch porn. Have you ever wondered how the hell she got so clean in the u noe wer? tell god its painfull!!.. do it the traditional way n ul never feel a thing..and geez..this was bloody painfull..

Women bleed for every darn reason man!!..Period/menstruation,waxing,child birth,threading(only if wrongly done), and etc..and so..the next time you wna tell me i have no balls..go wax your self then come talk to me...

* DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU ARE EATING* dont say i didnt warn ya..:)

PS:...No i did not do what u tink i did..this entry is by request!!!..god u ppl..pls...i would not disclose MY personal private stuff in public..tank u.

And now watch a man with balls do it..:)

Now,i hope you will never look at a women the way u use to..if u think this is painfull...try having menstruation..then try giving birth..then try being discriminated, then they tell you..''you have no balls''..i say..fuck you..coz you cant do/endure hallf the things we go thru.

Peace out..mwah!mwah!..i love ya'll:)

And as for the person who commented on the previous entry, i have replied it..dont forget to check it out.


  1. U did it? OMG. waxing on leg, body is also so very painful already, can't imagine doing it there. Gosh.

  2. hey nana!! yeah..i did it..zomg!!it was freaking painfull!!!..actually cried at one point...hehe..

  3. oh my! =.= but the first video using some sort of tape seems better than the second video! atleast the girl will tap on the area to make it less painful! lol. but still..... gosh!

  4. hehe..thats the wax tape...should try it sometime..boosts up ur man hood!!:)


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