Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Heineken Thirst featuring DJ TIESTO LIVE at Sepang, Malaysia

Guess who was in town last weekend?? DJ TIESTO!!!!He was down to perform in Sepang F1 International Circuit for the biggest party in town by Heineken - Thirst. I tagged along with Isaac,who was kind enough to invite me as a VIP guest. The expected crowd was about 15,000 people according to multiple news tabloids,but in my opinion it was definitely more then that,which indicates the event as a success.

We arrived there pretty early,parked in the VIP Parking Zone, and took a walk to check out the area. It was nice to see the hardcore party rockers all pumped up and chanting the name DJ TIESTO, the chants grew louder as the crowd grew bigger. Though,there was a slight drizzle, everyone came ready with their umbrellas.



We were then ushered in through the VIP entrance,given a black wrist band, and allowed in. There was a kiosk set up for the public to sign up with Heineken, to receive the updates on events and etc. After filling up the form, everyone was given a token!

VIP Passes

Being a member of the VIP, we were entitled to free flow of Heineken Beer over at the VIP Terrace. We had the pleasure of being entertained by DJ Phil K Lee, DJ Gabriel and DJ BLINK and last but not least, at around 11p.m we has DJ TIESTO finally on stage.

The Stage

The environment and the surrounding was HOT and HAPPENING!!!The place was just booming away with loud music and everybody was dancing like there was no tomorrow!There were people dancing till the looked like they just had their shower, the guys started taking off their t-shirts, and even the ladies were down to their bikini's dancing away!

The roaring crowd
The Infinity Bar

At exactly 11p.m DJ TIESTO made his long awaited appearance, and the crowd had him for 3 solid hours! Everyone went from being partially crazy to complete loose and in their own world,partying like there was literally no tomorrow! We were too tired to carry on partying till the end,we left with satisfied smiles and icky sweaty clothes,but it was all worth it in the end. This is by far THE biggest party I have attended.

 Met some new friends and bloggers..:)

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