Monday, June 20, 2011

Left My Heart after the Beep..

How should i tell her that i miss her,
Should i mail her a letter,
Or should i pick up the phone and dial up her number,
Well i tried both but she dint seem to answer.

I wish you could pick up the phone,
Cause im sick of the same busy tone,
And i hate your caller ringtone,
Heard it a million times and now i cant get it off my head.

The operator lady says your busy,
So i left almost a thousand voicemail and the operator thinks im crazy,
She called me back and said i got issues and i should take it easy,
But i tell her;"lady,im in love..and in love,nothing comes in easy.

Baby i undersand that theres a problem,
and its hard for both of us to get some sleep,
It wont be long untill we find a way to solve them,
But for now, i leave you my heart after the beep.

Missing you like hell baby..but i love you even more..

found this while facebooking...i do not own anything!!!..all credit's goes to the rightfull owner's..:)

Butterfly kisses Westlife

To all the majorly awesome father's out there,who's kids think the world of you....ur lucky!!...keep rocking and stay awesome..Happy Father's day!!


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