Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Future Predictions??

To my utter surprise, I have been sitting at home for the past week with unruly hair and blothes of acne cream all over my face,listening to my mum tell me tales about the kids in her school and tution center.Well, I this is what happens when you decide to take a huge step in life to do something you love and disregard what others have to say about it.

Well, while I was very busy doing absolutely nothing, when suddenly mum was telling me about ME. She has apparently seen a number of random people who predict stuff. *The fact that my brother and I have had a rough childhood,mum is pretty concerned about how we're gona turn out.*

I wouldn't say I absolutely DO NOT believe in these kinda stuff,because they have proven to be accurate! In the year 2007,we celebrated New Year in Melia Hotel. There we're free flow of popcorn,cotton candy,clowns n balloons, pole dancing, fortune teller,lucky draw and most importantly booze on the house! Well,there were 2 fortune tellers there, 1 did it based on your date of birth...the other did it based on Tarot Card. I was only 16,so the date of birth guy said..''toooooo young!!''..=.=''..so i went to the tarot card lady and she said i was going to excel in my studies that year and a couple of other things..and true enough..I was top student on school for the next 2 years of high school.

The original Tarot Cards
Mummy has seen another lady recently,she predicts the future with just your name and date of birth,and it has to be done only in the Chinese temple near my house. All evidence of paper on which things were written down have to be burnt immediately.Mum needed a translator there, because the lady speaks in Hokkien or Cantonese. And now mum tells me random things everyday..which I find bizarrely odd.

For instance,

1. I CANNOT befriend anyone born in the year of the PIG and DOG * Chinese calendar*
2. I would get the job of my dreams in another 2 years which will take me abroad.
3. I would get married very young
4. I would succeed in life and there's no return once I leave my nest.
5. I would live very very long

These are just some of them, and she said some very odd stuff as well, to which I find makes absolutely no sense, but who knows,they may come true.

I have asked mummy to go see this lady,to find out how she knows what she how*fingers crossed she tells me* and perhaps even find out more on my life...Tell me what your opinion is on these predictions??Should we find out events of our lives prior to them happening? Or should we just let life surprise us?

OOoo!! Stay tuned for an entry on how to read Tarot Cards!

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