Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Okay, It Will be Alright..

As many of you do not know, I have started work at a new place!! I work in a hotel, neatly tucked somewhere in the wilderness of Bukit Bintang. Let's just pray nobody find my blog and sue me for revealing the story!!!

I start work at 10a.m and finish at 6p.m. So, today I was going thru the rooms and doing some accounts when Betty McCarthy (BM)*not her real name*walks in thru the door. See BM has been staying at the hotel for 8 nights now. She travels a lot, and often stays here whenever she's in Malaysia. She has been going in and out everyday and always gives us to keep her room key.

Today, she came to see me, and asked me where the bank is because she has to go withdraw money,and the ATM is not working. I told her to go to Pavillion,gave her directions and off she went. About an hour later she walks in and sits infront of me and starts crying! So here's how the conversation went. *Bear in mind she's crying throughout the conversation*Also, the whole conversation happening in a FRENCH accent*

Bm:*Crying* Im sorry, im feeling very nervous!!
Me: Why?What happened? Is everything okay?
Bm; The accident in Laos and now I can't withdraw my money to pay you.
Me: Errr..okay..

*Turn and give boss a death stare,Boss walks over*

Boss: What card are you using?
BM: Mastercard. Yesterday I could withdraw money from the ATM. But today I cannot withdraw any money.I went to the cashier in 3 banks and they say *looks in bag for bank slip* insufficient funds.
Boss: *Google's Mastercard Malaysia, finds nothing*
Bm: I have Insurance. I will call Belgium and ask them to pay.
Me: Do you want some tea?
Bm: Yes, maybe later.
Boss: Do you have the number?
Bm; Oui,*reads number in french*

*Boss calls and calls cause operators are idiots.*Are you bearing in mind she's crying through the whole ordeal, coz you better imagine tears, and words between sobs*

Bm: *Has conversation with her people in french*
BM: They said they will pay. But do you except International transaction??
Boss:We do..
Bm; Now I will have some tea please.
Me: Okay.*go gets tea*
Boss: Okay.

*Gets her ice tea and a cold towel*She still crying*

BM: I am so sorry, I am so anxious!
Me: Don't worry, it will be okay.We'll figure out a way.
Bm: In Laos there was an accident,I hurt my back and my friend has to be rushed to the hospital. *relates how the accident happened*
Me: Are you okay?Do you travel alone all the time?
Bm: Yes, I like to travel and sometimes my friends join me. I have never has any problems before, with my credit card. This is the first time. I know i have money. 
Me: Don't worry, it's gona be okay.It will be alright.
Bm: Owh,you are so nice?
Bm; Do you have children??
Me: Uh?No, I dont have children.
Bm: Are you married?
Me: Nononono, Im not married!
Bm: Do you have a ''FRIEND" *raises eyebrow*??
Me: Nope.*laughs like a shy kambing*
Bm: But why??You are so pretty??
Me: I don't know.
Bm: You should find one!!
Me: Haha..hopefully I do someday.

*Starts packing things*  In all that's going on, she's worried about whether I am married with kids or not.

Bm: I am going to go for a walk, I will come back for the bank to call.
Me: Okay, stay safe!

*Comes back later, bank calls and issues are all resolved, with me doing translation from French to English for my bosses*

Bm: You are right, it will be okay.Thank you,thank you so much!! I will come back and stay in march for you.
Me: Ahh, please do come back!! 
Bm: I hope I will see you before I go back tomorrow!
Me: You will, I will be here in the morning. If I don't see you before I go back, I'll see you tomorrow!!

*She came down at 6, to see me before I left*

Bm: It is true, what you said. It will be alright.
Me: *Smile*

I only told her what I've been telling myself, since the whole ordeal began with the addition of last night's mess. And you know what, Its okay to cry, proves that you've been strong for so long.

It's Okay, It Will be Alright! 

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

*Gasssppp*Ghost Story!

This is a story of that has been an uproar recently. A man who happens to work in Seremban. One day (the day Thursday evening Friday) he had to return to Kuala Pilah to host a feast for a deceased family member. The feast ended approximately at 11:00 pm, he had to leave to come back to Kuala Lumpur alone, although a bit late,for the next day he was working.
Arriving at Bukit Putus, the road was windy and had a lot of turns, he saw a woman dressed in white was stopping his car. His heart was moved to help. So he stopped his car and asked "What is a young lady like you doing out so late at night ?", " Please help me. My car has stalled! ... I have tried to stop other cars for help. But they do not want to stop. Can I get a lift to Seremban? I can pay you how ever much you want? ". Somehow it moved his heart to help a beautiful woman dressed in white.

"Oklah. I also want to go to Seremban", slipped out of his mouth ... but he still had doubts ... He opened the door and invited her into the car.The girl did not want to sit in my seat back, continued to sit in front next tio him. He would have said something, but the girl is too quick to close the door and lock the door.The men's heart was beating so fast . He tried to calm himself down. ... as if nothing will/would happened. He remained silent because he regrets why he so easily allow a woman in his car in the middle of the night .

But the strange thing is, he felt kind of compelled stop and  to help this girl. He is the kind who is timid with women! They each remained silent for sometime.Suddenly ... he began to feel horror & bristle hairs when the girl is suddenly emitting a fragrant smell. He began to recite holy verses that came to his head.Sweat began to wet his forehead. He was not happy to sit silently more. Girl is seen as quite bright when oncoming vehicles light falls on her. He was brave enough to take a glance at her. The girl was also looking at him with a smile. Showing her white teeth, paired with the clothes that she wore ...
He was brave and asked, "Why are you wearing white at a time in the night like this??"This is my formal dress every Friday night ...""I have a class ''yasin" replied the girl is"But .. this is a different kind of white... I have never seen this before "the man asked again."What do you mean different kind of white?? ... its the same. Uh, have you really never seen it before? " He replied '' yeah, this is kind of different ,awkward and scary.. ""Ehh, it cant be scary.."

"Just use Breeze New Color Detergent!!!"Men's wide-open and stepped on the paddle and car accelerated ...Hehe..I hope I did not scare the crap out of you. But do tell me what you think.Thank you for reading!!!My name is Anita Joyce and I cover lifestyle events, food reviews, movies, tech and have special live for volunteer work and other random stuff. ''Like''my facebook page and follow me on twitter @garlic2me to stay tuned for updates!You may contact me via my email at anita.joyce[at]rocketmail[dot]com

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A day at the Waterfall,Sg,Gabai

Greeting my fellow earthlings!!:) I hope you're AWESOME!!!

Well this entry is a little delayed, but its out anyway. Me and my family headed down to the waterfalls near my home. Since it was Chienese New Year, and everybody was on holiday, we decided to drive down to Sungai Gabai in Hulu Langat. It was a 30 minutes drive from where I live.

The entrance fee is only RM1.00. The water is ice cold and clear!!! Even as you enter, you can see the water fall, but my suggestion will be to climb up. We climbed the stairs to the top.*well have way atleast,we had mummy senior with us.*

Climbin' up..
Ignore what a hot mess we look like - Me and Mummy

So, after like climbing up Mount Everest, we couldn't climb anymore *excuse the pun* we decided to settle down at one of the ''pondok like thingy''.  And this was our  view!!!

Not long after we arrived, the boys came over. 

Half naked boys!!!-.-

There was a rock that became the slide!!! Because its slippery and hollow at the bottom, everyone was flying down by it. 

The water isn't as shallow as it is in Sungai Congkak. With that said, please do not attempt to do any diving unless you would like to land yourself in the hospital with PHD (Permanent Head Damage).

The apes have been set free in the jungle!!!

Ps - Notice how deep the water is!
A sandwich slide down rock slipperiness!!

Me and my cousin - A picture before leaving

I hope you go and experience the icy clean and cold water and the calm serene atmosphere for yourself.
There aren't any bugs around,well besides water spiders that would not harm you.:)

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It Ain't Over 'til It's Over

**"Reader's Discretion Is Advised"**

You know what, when everything is going sour and  bad and not as you planned. And you have tears welled up in your eyes just waiting to fall, God sends you little angels to look after you,just to get you thru the night. Then, he sends you warriors to fight your battle with you. And finally, and army load of friends to make sure you smile again.

Hard times come and go,
but what would life be if there were no ups and downs,
One would never seize the moment.

Smile,while you can,
Cry if you can't,
Coz no one said its not okay to cry.

Just when you thought, I don't think its going to get any more worst,
Its actually gets worst,
But, I mean common,
God wouldn't put you thru it if he din't think you were strong enough to handle.

I know some things maybe hard to swallow,
But Im not going to sit here and watch you crumble,
'' its not wrong to be weak and to need help''.
Beautiful - Eminem

But I know one fact I'll be one tough act to follow
One tough act to follow
I'll be one tough act to follow
Here today, gone tomorrow
But you'd have to walk a thousand miles

In my shoes, just to see
What it's like, to be me
I'll be you, let's trade shoes
Just to see what it'd be like to
Feel your pain, you feel mine
Go inside each other's minds
Just to see what we find
Look at shit through each other's eyes
But don't let 'em say you ain't beautiful, oh
They can all get fucked.
Just stay true to you
So don't let 'em say you ain't beautiful
Oh, they can all get fucked.
Just stay true to you

For all those who question why we(me+brother) would prioritize friends over family, here's why.This is a part of one of the many conversations.

''frends were all we had when we were growing up

we din hv parents who ensured we would be somebody some day

we had friends who always were there for us..and thats all we have now

when they abandone us''

But I must say, 7-8/2/2012 has been the best and the worst night of my life by far. The few who knew what happened stayed with me thru the night and listened to me cry. And even the one's who never knew what happened sent me songs and inspirational text messages and videos on youtube. AMAZING. I am blown away.It is almost impossible for me to feel down when there's so many out there who have my back. 

The best yet was Nina.

Me: Nina,..I love you.
Nina: What happened??
Me: Nting..its okay..its gona be alright.
Nina: Shut up and tell me will you?
Me:'ll be okay..
Nina: Sure, im nobody right..
Me: laaaa, il be okay..just thought you shud noe i love you.
Nina: well then jus so u noe ure the closest frend i have now n dat i always got ur back..keeping things to yourself doesnt help,n i noe dat.but sokay..u tc ok.

Absolutely blown away by the number of people who check in on me..even those i have not kept in touch with for some time..amazing number of texts and chats and tweets and oovoo ..ur awesome..and I love you.

This night/morning has also thought me that even during your darkest hours, there will be selfish people who will prioritize themselves and their intentions/motives/to-do-list over you.But its okay, i've learnt who my real friends are and who isn't.

PS: Sending a huge ass amount of love to the little-est family member - LILIAN - who has literally been here with me and gah! thank you words to express the amount of gratitude..mwah!mwah!
                              THANK YOU ALL!!!  I LOVE YOU!!!  YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Thank you for reading!!!My name is Anita Joyce and I cover lifestyle events, food reviews, movies, tech and have special live for volunteer work and other random stuff. ''Like''my facebook page and follow me on twitter @garlic2me to stay tuned for updates!You may contact me via my email at anita.joyce[at]rocketmail[dot]com


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