Monday, December 12, 2011

Suitable Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Olla!!!! everytime I blog i seem to be aplogizing,but seriously guys, the preparation for Christmas and Dad flying off to India and mum to Singapore is taking up alot of my time and geez..for a moment,I forgot I even had a blog..

This week I attended Heineken Thirst featuring Tiesto!!! That would be in the next entry! So stay tuned!

John is back with more tips for you!!!

Suitable Hairstyles for your face shape.

The best face shape would be oval, as oval faced people have a wide range of hairstyles to choose from short corp to long sleek or curvy waves. *What would not work would be styles that stop right at your chin or very long super straight hair~ as it would emphasize on your chin and make your face look longer.

As for Oblong shaped, it's crucial that you broaden the middle portion of your face.
This will balance out your face length and width, Curls and waves will be your BFF's, they will be the one that will (work it) for you. *Avoid middle partings, very short corp hair and please don't pile your hair on top.

Square faced people~ what you would want to do is just to soften the edges at your jaw line (prominent and angular)
Side partings is encouraged, so as to having styles that further softens(curls and waves) and elongates(long layers) your face shape. 
*Do not attempt full fringes, same length cuts, center partings and geometric cuts. (YOUR HAIR IS YOUR BEST ACCESSORY)~!

Those who are Round faced, the idea it to create attention away from the roundness, also to slim it down at the jaw.
Shoulder length and long layers that starts form the cheeks will be the diva's that will create attraction ;). so use them. 
*Avoid full bangs, bulks on the sides... as it would make your face look smaller and wider. Aim for height. You know the drill~~!

For those with Heart heart shaped face~ Add volume and length to the bottom of your face to balance out the width at the top.
Jaw length bobs, long straight cuts and close corps best complement this shape. (YOUR FACE IS YOUR BEST ACCESSORY)~!
*No thick fringes, center partings, as it will widens the face and may emphasize the pointy chin... =)

Know your staff~! Good Luck~!

Lots and lots of love,

Well girls and guys, if you have any questions that you would like to ask John,do drop us a comment below and John will answer then ASAP!!!:)

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