Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year, 2012

Its been a week since we're in 2012, and yes, yes, I know I'm late. I bet many of you must have had a blast for   New Year with celebrations everywhere!!! I choose to celebrate New Year with a couple of my BFF's, in SOHO!!!

Me and Rachel

We came forward just in time for the countdown! There was massive crowd, and random people spraying snow spray on everyone!!! There were a lot of tourist, and the Arabs were dancing away to the music that was being played. It was awesome!!

Me, Rachel and Albert @ Bestari!

Aww, my BFF's - Rachel and Albert

After all the madness, we went on home, opened a couple of Hoegarden beer and sparkling wine and played cards!

*Pause to cam-whore for a while*

Haha, our sleepy faces at 5 a.m.

          Woke up the next day, and headed down to Sunway Piramid to lepak, and bumped into a friend!!!

                                                               and bumped into a friend!!!

And thats about it..haha...the crowds were massive everywhere..and traffic was as crazy..but nothing beats welcoming the New Year with besties..:)

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