Monday, June 13, 2011

"Just A Dream" by Nelly - Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie

now this!!!......this is what i call singing!!...ammaaaazzinggg!!!...christina...ur like a gazillion times beter then lindsey lee...i wonder how she got on miley Cyrus and u didnt...hiah...ur still awesome!!!...

Firework & Grenade MASHUP (Explosion Medley) - Sam Tsui

zomg!!!!...i think my earphones jus exploded!!! seriously...majorly freaking awesome!!!!....mwah!!..sam tsui i saw u on ellen!!!...ur amazing!!!..

Love The Way You Lie - MASHUP (free mp3!)

The Bilz & Kashif - One Voice *Official Video*

Here's a little something for u to listen 2 most favourite canadian artist..besides yang amat berhormat russel peter's..haha..seriously..kashif is like damn freakkiingggggggg HAWT!!!!!

the things awesome ppl say!!!!!

You're evil, nasty, cruel, mean, fierce, greedy, helpless, clumsy, bad, abusive, sucky, disturbing and annoying devil.


p.s: You've extremely horrible hair and you're super ugly.

from:Pro liar 2011:P

ahahahahahahhaha!!!!...happy birthday sharon simon!!!!

Girl if you gone be stirring shit right in front of me or even the back of me, i'mma whoop your ass. I mean literally. Bitch ain't you got a life to live? Stop checking mine out!!!get urs fixed!:)

get ythe hardest feeling to be expressed is L-O-V-E .. so, be grateful that u r b loved by someone :)

In life there would be one person to teach you everything and then having to let you go. But remember, they'll never tell you the truth why they leaving. They would lie and hurt you just to get you down. But it just so that you can wake up walk with your head held high and move on from whatever you've learnt and that's what that makes them happy. You are even stronger then whatever they've thought you.

jus some food for thy thinking....coolio huh...can u believe i noe ppl who think like this!..they are sooo u!!


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