Thursday, December 22, 2011

MFACE.ME - Malaysia's New Social Networking Website Launch

*Pause for a moment of kembang-ness* I am so proud to be born a Malaysian!!! Here's the reason why.

21-12-2011- Malaysia has marked a memorable moment in history,when 60 Malaysian artists were present at the launch of, Malaysia's very own social networking portal.

                           Dato' AC Mizal, Director of M7at the launching of Mface Social Network Site

Mface. me – Our localised social network.  Mface is a Malaysian based social network site.  It is a light blogging network which can be used for both personal and corporate use. It encompasses of 3 major elements – that is friends, followers and those who are following. User’s have the option to share the content on their page to the public (Friends and followers) or share privately (only to friends or pre-defined selected groups). Mface emphasises on protecting its user’s privacy.

Mface was founded by Mr.Tedy Teow,who is also the brains behind the company MBI International. MBI Group is a company involved in the technology industry, clothing, electronics, agriculture and retail chain stores - shop for a variety of integrated asset management group. MBI Asset Management Group is a wholly owned MFACE, MBI Mobile, MBI Fashion, M7 Family Store, Green Farm MBI, MBI G9 Hotel, MBI & AC Bird's Nest Living Large. MBI Group has invested in various fields of business in Malaysia and even overseas, particularly in China, Taiwan, Thailand & Myanmar in collaboration with R & D groups in the area of ​​MBI & hillside planting castor oil plant. 

Mface’s main feature encompasses of the symbols +, -, x and /. Mface choose to use the unique feature of symbols to symbolize opinions.  + (plus/addition) would symbolize like or show positivity.  – (minus/subtract) would symbolize dislike or show negativity.  X (times/multiply) would symbolize sharing or reblogging. / (divide) would symbolize delete or hidden. 

Mface is a social network site that allows its users to share information not only in the format of text, photos, and videos but even in PDF. Additionally, it has a social gaming feature in which users will gain social rewards when the games are played. Mface also permits live chats, group chats and live video chats. Mface has made file sharing with its user’s, friends and followers easier with its unique Drag and Drop feature.

Some of the familiar faces seen at the launch of

                                The MOU signing by Terry Teoh, AC Mizal , Gajah and Tata Rich.

           THE CROWD!!!!

Amongst the numerous artist present were ;-

Amy Search - his original name: Suhaimi bin Abdul Rahman, but more people like to call him Amy Search. Malaysia and Indonesia, he is a very famous rock singer. Isabella is one of the well-known song.

Afdlin Shauki Bin Aksan - his fans like to call him Afdlin Shauki and Chief Kodok. He is a singer, director, producer, or a famous actor in Malaysia.

Fizz Fairuz - he is a talented actor in Malaysia. In the Nur Kasih TV series, he played the role of Aidil popular. 

Zizan Raja Lawak - his original name is Mohd Razizan Abdul Razak, also known as Zizan Raja Lawak. He is a famous comedian.

Credits to Tian Chad for the photos!:)

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