Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tips on Colouring and Maintaining your hair

YAY!!! John is back with more tips for you!!

This week's topic will be.....

How to Colour & Maintain your hair
5 tips on color, 5 on maintenance


1- Before a color service, make sure that your hair is clean without any product or dirt.
*if it's too greasy, shampoo it But don't scrub. As scrubbing will injure the scalp.*

2- While shampoing, you do not want to remove too much natural oil from your scalp
as the natural oil protects the scalp from any harsh chemicals like the peroxide in the color.

3- After washing and rinsing, make sure hair is dry. You can either leave it to dry naturally *at home
Or using a hairdryer to dry hair. As any moisture on hair will increase time taken to dye
and reduce the level of color.

4- Have enough sleep the day before your color service, reason why is because your sweat will
secrete more sodium then normal and when mixed with color peroxide, it will create an itchy sensation
or an irritation. *same goes to women at their menstruation stages.*

5- Last but not least, Choose a color and a tone that suits you best. Don't be afraid to ask the stylist
what suits you best. But at least have a color in mind as your guide, so that it won't go wrong. 



1- After a color service. The next day do not immediately shampoo your hair. At least give it a day or two to set in.

2- Wash/Rinse hair with cold or normal temperature water, as warm/hot water will open up cuticles.

3- Invest in a sulfate-free shampoo for these kind of shampoo's are gentle to the hair. Also invest in moisturising formulas to rejuvenate dry and damaged hair.

4- Try to reduce chlorine and sun exposure, Because these may make color fade faster.

5- It is better to let your hair/scalp rest for at least 3 months before the next service.

Even though It's only a hair color... But it can totally change someone look and confidence level.

 So choose wisely... Make it don't break it~ ;]

Love Always,

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