Friday, June 17, 2011

Tourism Ministry: RM1.8m spent on Facebook pages

KUALA LUMPUR, June 14 — A whopping RM1,758,432 was spent on developing six Facebook pages to promote Malaysian tourism, the Tourism Ministry said today.
Deputy Tourism Minister James Dawos Mamit said this today in reply to a question from Anthony Loke (Rasah-DAP).
Each Facebook page cost RM293,072 — Cuti-Cuti 1 Malaysia, Citrawarna 1Malaysia, Karnival Jualan Mega 1 Malaysia, Festival Pelancongan Seni Kontemporari 1 Malaysia, Kempen 1 Malaysia Bersih and Fabulous Food 1 Malaysia.
The Citrawarna 1 Malaysia page has so far attracted 20,292 Facebook fans since it was launched on May 21.
Mamit said that the RM1.8 million included costs for designing, flash programming and coding, testing and debugging, uploading and launching the application, system server deployment and campaign management.
“You need RM1.8 million to run Facebook pages and applications? A six-year-old can start a Facebook page.
“If Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen has problems getting people to help start Facebook pages, DAP headquarters can help her out, we have people who can develop these things at no cost,” Loke told reporters later at a press conference.
Loke said that unless Ng explained the reasons behind the “exorbitant” costs for the “social media branding” exercise by her ministry, he intends to lodge a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

The above article was reported by the star newspaper(online)......and the malaysian citizen's have retaliated via Facebook as well thru a page called CURI-CURI WANG MALAYSIA (stealing malaysian money) that has hit almost a 100,000 ''Likes'' in just a duration of 3 days since it began....this is a copy of the info on the page..

LIKE this page. We can prove to government we no need to spend RM1.8M for a success fan page. We want our mismanaged money back! Please use English or Malay when posting for everyone can understand our voices. Keep this 
page clean from SPAM too, thanks!


This page created with purpose to voice against Malaysia Tourism Ministry who spent RM1,758,432 for a simple facebook fan page with 6-simple apps (cost RM293,072 each).

Facebook is FREE. Don't cheat our money in such stupid way and treat us like idiots. Suspend the contract and RETURN OUR MONEY!

CHANGE NOW to SAFE MALAYSIA! We safe, we save!

Rebecca Black Removes Friday MV From YouTube


Seriously! Do up a search for Rebbeca Black’s ever-so-popular music video, Friday, on YouTube and you will find that it is no longer (gasp!) there. Yes, it has been confirmed that the teen sent a request to the video-sharing site to have her video removed.

According to, Rebecca was upset with her label, Ark Music Factory after they had listed the video as a pay-to-play material on YouTube. “We can confirm that we submitted a Take Down Notice to YouTube as a result of the dispute we have with Ark Music regarding the Friday video,” a rep for the teen said in a statement.

Earlier, Ark Music had rented out the hit video for US$ 2.99 in hopes of boosting its sales. Instead, the marketing strategy backfired and the video was switched back to a free content on the same day due to the massive negative response. Nevertheless, the damage was done.

“Thanks for all the messages regarding the $2.99 fee added to Friday video, I have NOTHING to do with this!!” Rebecca wrote on her Twitter. “PS...My Manager and Lawyer are on this and are going to get to the bottom of this! Stay tuned...”

well,regardless of the fact that rebacca black's friday song has been removed from YouTube...we still have our JJ and Ean's Parody version of the song to still keep us going!!!!...''Like'' the page on Facebook if you haven't already..:)))))


David Archuleta Live In Malaysia Concert 2011

Guess who's coming back to Malaysia next month???...You got that right!!...David Archuleta!!!!...Well, the season 7 winner of the TV show American Idol will be coming back to Malaysia due to the numerous request from fans on Sony Music Malaysia's Facebook page to bring him back.

Ticket pricing is at RM300 for VIPRM230 and RM190 for numbered seating, and RM150 and RM90 for free seating (All prices shown excludes RM3 ticket handling fees). The concert ticket will go on sale 20th of June onwards. Tickets are made available through Ticket Charge ( and AirAsia RedTix outlets (

The Managing Director of Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia, Adrian Lim mentioned that, “This will be David’s first ever concert in Malaysia and is also the first time that Sony Music as the music label is doubling up as the organizer for the concert… being in both of these roles gives us more flexibility in giving the fans more accessibility to him. We will have more activities than just a normal concert”.

The 20-year old Utah native’s self-titled 2008 debut album contained hit songs like “Crush”, “A Little Too Not Over You”, and “Touch My Hand”, were on the Top 10 charts across all major radio stations. His follow-up album, “The Other Side of Down” which was released last October, also generated hit singles like “Something Bout Love” and “Elevator”. Both singles were also on our local Top 10 radio charts. David is undeniably successful in Malaysia, with a combined album sales of 19,000 units sold, reaching the Platinum status.
David’s last visit here in April 2009 had an overwhelming response, as there were more than 5,000 fans who showed up for his showcase in Sunway. His exceptional vocal talent and charismatic boy-next-door charm has captured the hearts of many Malaysian fans, regardless of their age group.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Ticket Launching event happening this Sunday, 19th June from 3-6pm at Berjaya Times Square. More details will be announced soon, so make sure you log on to for the latest updates!

singapore singlish

Photos of Doorstep'ers at Work!!!

 thats what our booth looks like...this was last weekend while we were in amcorp!
 that's kak lin and bill with a lady who called herself an it idiot...looking at our products online..:)
 that's ms gorgeous kak lin!!!
 ahaaa...thereeee....that's meeee!!!!
 she should sooo be a model kan?
 kak lin and a mr.antena!!!!...see his hairrrr!!..soo kewl in it!

this is tc...aka...tianchad!!!!!

 me and iqa at work..doing inventory!...grrr...wisma uoa behind klcc!
  tc, bill tan aka gugubird and meeeee!!!!!
nice in it?..
 ahahahahhaha!!!!down syndrom!!!
 me and iqa in amoda!!!
 this is 1...
 this is 2...
 andddd...ahahahahah!!!! 3!!!!....
 remember the joke abt ''wer is akhbar??'' is the picture...u may hv to strain ur eyes a little..hehe...its the last name above the number...hehe..:)
 hehe..well...she jus got bill to buy her a hermes the obvious cheaky smile!
 when we've got nothing to do....or well i should say..wen iqa's got nothing to do...she takes pictures of our butt's...:)

 should be a modal!
 the future faces of doorstep modal's!! giler!

 meeee!!..ahahahahah!!!...thats jus me and preety much what i do at work with all the text and email's and endless calls that come in on a typical can get preety silent sometimes...but i like the break...lemme noe if i should be taking more pictures... coz im camera shy...or not!..
 the fish was literally starring at the camera!...
hehehe...we look like we'r posing..but nope..we'r brainstorming on the new up and coming malaysian version of facebook...its gona be soooo cool!!...its still under drop u a link soon u can lemme noe what you think of it and be a  part of revolution!!

this is what happened to me last night...while waiting for the pictures to upload and expecting a call that never came...woke up in the morning to find a million text's...hehe..left the laptop on and slept on it..i have a strong feeling mummy's gona kill me wen she get's back later..hehe...well..i hope i gave u a glimps of what a typical day in my life sure to keep looking forward for more!!!! u!!!...see u real soon!


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