Friday, June 17, 2011

Photos of Doorstep'ers at Work!!!

 thats what our booth looks like...this was last weekend while we were in amcorp!
 that's kak lin and bill with a lady who called herself an it idiot...looking at our products online..:)
 that's ms gorgeous kak lin!!!
 ahaaa...thereeee....that's meeee!!!!
 she should sooo be a model kan?
 kak lin and a mr.antena!!!!...see his hairrrr!!..soo kewl in it!

this is tc...aka...tianchad!!!!!

 me and iqa at work..doing inventory!...grrr...wisma uoa behind klcc!
  tc, bill tan aka gugubird and meeeee!!!!!
nice in it?..
 ahahahahhaha!!!!down syndrom!!!
 me and iqa in amoda!!!
 this is 1...
 this is 2...
 andddd...ahahahahah!!!! 3!!!!....
 remember the joke abt ''wer is akhbar??'' is the picture...u may hv to strain ur eyes a little..hehe...its the last name above the number...hehe..:)
 hehe..well...she jus got bill to buy her a hermes the obvious cheaky smile!
 when we've got nothing to do....or well i should say..wen iqa's got nothing to do...she takes pictures of our butt's...:)

 should be a modal!
 the future faces of doorstep modal's!! giler!

 meeee!!..ahahahahah!!!...thats jus me and preety much what i do at work with all the text and email's and endless calls that come in on a typical can get preety silent sometimes...but i like the break...lemme noe if i should be taking more pictures... coz im camera shy...or not!..
 the fish was literally starring at the camera!...
hehehe...we look like we'r posing..but nope..we'r brainstorming on the new up and coming malaysian version of facebook...its gona be soooo cool!!...its still under drop u a link soon u can lemme noe what you think of it and be a  part of revolution!!

this is what happened to me last night...while waiting for the pictures to upload and expecting a call that never came...woke up in the morning to find a million text's...hehe..left the laptop on and slept on it..i have a strong feeling mummy's gona kill me wen she get's back later..hehe...well..i hope i gave u a glimps of what a typical day in my life sure to keep looking forward for more!!!! u!!!...see u real soon!

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