Monday, August 15, 2011



    After photos circulated on the Internet true story ghost marriage

The above picture has been online for a long time .. very few people know  about it ...  the legendary ghost marriage ... .. then use the photo leads to some of the real thing ... really it is a ghost marriage , woman face expressionless, her eyes have color, but there is no right hand  because of hand  was nailed to wood to support it and the wood behind collapsed bcz the wood  could not support any longer. As you can  see, she is standing up but it is very clear, this woman is dead. The men is not dead, but he married a dead ghost. This photo is Yuhang rural people! 17-year-old woman named Ye Zimei, the family was very wealthy landowners, and the young man wanted to marry a 19-year-old Wang Haide, then they did not get married, because the woman had died of heat they have been engaged for one year since 1922, according to local customs and later the young man did not want to marry be in a dead marriage,  he ran away to the army, was later caught by the womans his family. This photo was shot at dusk, six days after the woman is dead, propped up behind with a wooden stand, her feet did not touch the ground! You see them behind the two sides of a cross word is convex, that is dedicated to the dead written word! Later, the man went to Shanghai to open a small tea house, died in 1988, was married to a Shanghai local woman, gave birth to a female a child the old social evil customs, ah, some of these data there is no way to verify, because Library source of that information is not clear. Do not stare at a woman's eyes for too long, if you can see her smile for you, then there may very well happen oh. Because the man was not reluctant, because men are handsome local niche, but no money, a woman is like him, by his family and his dead lift engagement of power, poor people ah.================================================== ===========================


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