Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Okay, It Will be Alright..

As many of you do not know, I have started work at a new place!! I work in a hotel, neatly tucked somewhere in the wilderness of Bukit Bintang. Let's just pray nobody find my blog and sue me for revealing the story!!!

I start work at 10a.m and finish at 6p.m. So, today I was going thru the rooms and doing some accounts when Betty McCarthy (BM)*not her real name*walks in thru the door. See BM has been staying at the hotel for 8 nights now. She travels a lot, and often stays here whenever she's in Malaysia. She has been going in and out everyday and always gives us to keep her room key.

Today, she came to see me, and asked me where the bank is because she has to go withdraw money,and the ATM is not working. I told her to go to Pavillion,gave her directions and off she went. About an hour later she walks in and sits infront of me and starts crying! So here's how the conversation went. *Bear in mind she's crying throughout the conversation*Also, the whole conversation happening in a FRENCH accent*

Bm:*Crying* Im sorry, im feeling very nervous!!
Me: Why?What happened? Is everything okay?
Bm; The accident in Laos and now I can't withdraw my money to pay you.
Me: Errr..okay..

*Turn and give boss a death stare,Boss walks over*

Boss: What card are you using?
BM: Mastercard. Yesterday I could withdraw money from the ATM. But today I cannot withdraw any money.I went to the cashier in 3 banks and they say *looks in bag for bank slip* insufficient funds.
Boss: *Google's Mastercard Malaysia, finds nothing*
Bm: I have Insurance. I will call Belgium and ask them to pay.
Me: Do you want some tea?
Bm: Yes, maybe later.
Boss: Do you have the number?
Bm; Oui,*reads number in french*

*Boss calls and calls cause operators are idiots.*Are you bearing in mind she's crying through the whole ordeal, coz you better imagine tears, and words between sobs*

Bm: *Has conversation with her people in french*
BM: They said they will pay. But do you except International transaction??
Boss:We do..
Bm; Now I will have some tea please.
Me: Okay.*go gets tea*
Boss: Okay.

*Gets her ice tea and a cold towel*She still crying*

BM: I am so sorry, I am so anxious!
Me: Don't worry, it will be okay.We'll figure out a way.
Bm: In Laos there was an accident,I hurt my back and my friend has to be rushed to the hospital. *relates how the accident happened*
Me: Are you okay?Do you travel alone all the time?
Bm: Yes, I like to travel and sometimes my friends join me. I have never has any problems before, with my credit card. This is the first time. I know i have money. 
Me: Don't worry, it's gona be okay.It will be alright.
Bm: Owh,you are so nice?
Bm; Do you have children??
Me: Uh?No, I dont have children.
Bm: Are you married?
Me: Nononono, Im not married!
Bm: Do you have a ''FRIEND" *raises eyebrow*??
Me: Nope.*laughs like a shy kambing*
Bm: But why??You are so pretty??
Me: I don't know.
Bm: You should find one!!
Me: Haha..hopefully I do someday.

*Starts packing things*  In all that's going on, she's worried about whether I am married with kids or not.

Bm: I am going to go for a walk, I will come back for the bank to call.
Me: Okay, stay safe!

*Comes back later, bank calls and issues are all resolved, with me doing translation from French to English for my bosses*

Bm: You are right, it will be okay.Thank you,thank you so much!! I will come back and stay in march for you.
Me: Ahh, please do come back!! 
Bm: I hope I will see you before I go back tomorrow!
Me: You will, I will be here in the morning. If I don't see you before I go back, I'll see you tomorrow!!

*She came down at 6, to see me before I left*

Bm: It is true, what you said. It will be alright.
Me: *Smile*

I only told her what I've been telling myself, since the whole ordeal began with the addition of last night's mess. And you know what, Its okay to cry, proves that you've been strong for so long.

It's Okay, It Will be Alright! 

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