Sunday, October 9, 2011

a note.

My sincere apologize...for the crapy blog entry earlier..i u see have no life..hence..i google weird stuff and find weird things..and..well that was the result..and still getting the hang of blogging from the tablet..not easy..didnt noe the link turned out like that...but now its amended..and geez..the views..are u all trying to kill ur parents?..well..that was NEVER intentional..but if it hapens.. gona have to say this out loud..coz i am most honest with my blog..and if u hapen to read this..which im gona pray from now till i die u never will..

i hoped and i prayed*not true*..that you will never read the 2 previous entries..coz i dunt want u to know..what i write abt u..and how i feel..coz id rather it die jus like that..

u asked mannnnyyy times why i deleted u? tell u why..coz..of the conversation we had just i knew abt that..and..dunt want to be or listen or know more about that why i left..not bcz of the reason i gave u..well that partly..but..that convo..jus the reason why..its 9.32pm 9/10/ if ive chat with u then yes u...jus deleted and gone so i dunt is enough..dunt need another..

i missed u..yes..but its a hell lot better then faking it..dont mean it in a bad jus gona pray u dont read this..but if u it..

im sorry..:(..i jus want wats best for both of us..:)

mwah!mwah! ya'll loadssss..


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