Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Movie Review:- Puss in Boots!!

Want my opinion on Puss in Boots??? Please don't waste your time and money going to watch it!..I was very disappointed with the story line..

Puss in Boots

If what you had in mind of Puss in Boots was anything close to what you saw in Shrek, well my friend, prepare to be let down.Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots, Salma Hayek as Kitty Softpaws and Zach Galifianakis as Humpty. 
Kitty Softpaws

This is by far the most disappointing story next to Immortals, here's the reasons why. The story begins with Puss,escaping form prison of some sort,then ends up in a bar where he learns about the ''magic beans''.  He begins the journey of hunting for the magic beans and bumps into Kitty Softpaws,who also tries to steal the beans. The ''Magic Beans'' they refer to in the movie is from the story Jack and the Beanstalk. Puss and Kitty were trying to steal the beans from Jack and Jill,yes,this is Jack and Jill from the nursery rhyme. They obviously fail in stealing it.

Puss chases Kitty back to wherever she came from,to only find out that she works for Humpty (Alexander) Dumpty,who betrayed Puss a long time ago. Kitty manages to convince Puss that they would make a good team,and so he agrees. They go on an adventure that has been carefully planned out by Humpty Dumpty and steal the beans from Jack and Jill and plant in the right spot and the stalk grows so big and high into the clouds and they make their way to the castle.

Instead of stealing the 9 golden eggs,they brilliantly steal the goosling because it poops golden eggs!*if only my cat did the same*. They flee the castle in a drop through the drainage pipe into a free fall from only god knows how high. Land back on ground and make their way back to the their village. Puss then finds out he has been betrayed by Humpty Dumpty aka The Egg, Kitty and everybody else in the movie as they all have been working for The Egg, to get his revenge back at Puss for choosing the harmony of the village over The Egg..

In the end, The Egg kills himself for being such a bad friend, the goosling*i don't even know how to spell anymore* is returned to it's mother with no blood spill,Kitty Softpaws and Puss ride into the sunset a happy couple..The End.

A fairly disappointing movie that killed a few of my brain cells for a couple of hours. Moral of the story:- Never betray a friend & Do not steal.Overall, I'd rate the movie a 2/5,only because Puss did this.

*If you plan on watching this movie in 3D, don't bother.*

What a terrible let down! On another note..Kudos to our Harimau Muda for the unexpected win of 5-4 against the Garuda Muda's of Indonesia!!

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