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My Love (Ft. Mariah Carey ) Lyrics

I'm her baby, she my shawty
Oooooooooh we rockin (Eh!)
We got our shit all up in the press
And they hatin

Now who's right there
Every time you cry
Go to sleep
And wake up on your side
Endless love
I always provide
They hatin' on us
And you should know why

But who's been lovin' you lately?
Who's willin' to go half on the baby?
Who, who, who's tryin' to flag our ship?
They just tryin' to get the love you give
But baby

Tell me what they know about my love (my love)
Tell me what they know about my love (my love)
Tell me what they know about my love (my love)
Tell me what they know about my love (my love)
Oh, oh, oh

Tell me what they know about my love (my love)
Tell me what they know about my love (my love)
Tell me what they know about my love (my love)
Tell me what they know about my love (my love)

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh

So they don't understand
Why I never leave you
Explain my love
I don't need to
Got everybody way up
In our business
'Cause leaving each other
Stay on they wish list
[My Love (Ft. Mariah Carey ) Lyrics On ]
I see them reaching every time
You call me baby
They on my back like a shirt
Get off me baby
They don't love me
Let 'em wonder why
Here to stay
And they goin' bye bye

Who's the one calling you baby?
Who's in love with yo ass like crazy?
Who, who, who's gonna flag down our ship?
Just tryin' to get the love you give

[Repeat Chorus]

Girl my love is your love
And there ain't nothing in this world
That they can do to make me give you up
Ooo, ooo baby
You will always be my girl
So let 'em do whatever
Say whatever
'Cause I ain't givin' you up
No, no, no, no

The-Dream and Mariah:
Pretty baby
No, no, they don't know
No, no, they don't know
No, no, they don't know
No, no, they don't know

Tell me what they know about my love (my love)
Tell me what they know about my love (my love)
Tell me what they know about my love (my love)
Tell me what they know about my love (my love)

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh.

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Hong Kong Disneyland part 1

Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland!!!! was preety the story u kay...keep up with me and dont get make it fast..mwah..*lol!!!sounds sooo rong*

DAY 1:....we never slept that the night of my clothes..and cleaned my room after like a century of it looking like a dumpster...and everybody got din come to say bye...she proly knew we're going without her..and we went to the airport and check in and boarded and flew 4 hours to HONG KONG...

DAY 2: arrived in hong kong at someting oclock in the morning and was greeted by GINIE and the bus fella and we went and checked in in SILKA SEAVIEW HOTEL in YAU MA TEI which use to be DORSETT SEAVIEW HOTEL which is in the center of town....went walking to find food all the way from yau ma tei down to mong kok and back up yau ma tei..went into some mall and finaly got a was me...a map and my family on tail and we went to the on the train to central then walked all the way up to the peak tram then took the tram up to the peak and had a somewhat gorgeous view of hong was misty..and cold...but nice..then all the down and back to shower *(hot and steamy!!)* then out to hit temple street right behind the hotel...had dim sum..and walked along the road..and back to hotel to sleep...

DAY 3: up early in the freaking about 7 freaking oclock...and shower and leave to go to ummm...owh god..i cant remember..ummm..somewer and then we went to umm somewer...and umm..the jewelery shop TSL...and the tour guide dumped us at SOGO...we walked to avenue of stars and and down to the big bus station...waited around for the bus...took it back to temple street...showered..and rush the hell back to avenue of stars to watch the SYMPHONY OF LIGHTS which was super freaking awesome coz ur one side of the island looking on to the was rely rely nice la...the sound effect was nice...then took the bus back and at CHIKEN CONGEE..which wen the lady said sounded like CHIKEN KUNJI...ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!then sleeeeeeppp...

DAY 4: another morning up early....i dont noe why its called a holiday wen ur waking up like freaking early and running around doing utter crap like packing and running like a grab all the luggage and into the bus with another tour dude on our way to HONG KONG DISNEYLAND!!!!! reached DISNEYLAND HOLLYWOOD HOTEL...its preety much like genting's first world... permanently packed...and then we dumped our luggage and wen to the theme park and boy did we have a was rely rely nice...very very colonial likeyyy...the whole day taking pictured..eating..queing up for the rides mom went on a roller coaster!!!amazing!!!...LOL!!

DAY 5: another early morning...out to the theme park...after checking out at like 11...=.=....then spend the day jus walking aroud in the park nothing much bout the rides...suddenly dad refuses to eat in the theme park...wants to eat wantan mee in yau ma take the train from disneyland to sunny bay...then change in lai king and all the way down to yau ma tei which is 10 stations away...and u noe dad wasnt standing the train..then suddenly i notice he was wably..and he couldnt walk properly...and shakey...and i was right he could walk straight and we walked slowly to the shop and he couldnt even hold his chopstick and i was rely worried..went all the way back to disneyland..and back to the hotel..the tour dude was already waiting for us in the got on the bus..and went to the airport...wen my papa refused to get off the bus...he said..''if i go now i have to pay again''and he said bye to the tour gurl like as if she's going he became a baby like with memory loss and he didnt noe wer we are and who we are and i was rely worried...we made him sit and went to check the luggages in and he sat there okay...talking to bird...then eyes started tearing and couldnt swolow sliva..and he started shaking...he was having a the airport to call the hospital and the doctor came and took his blood was at 1.8...thats wayyyyy to low..he has diabetic...and the immidietly stuck a needle in his hand and he whineeeeed in pain and then he came back conscious..doesnt remember a thing!!!! then the pushy ting..and in to the ambulance..and i got bird on the plane and grabbed the luggage then had to get a cab with all our luggage alone to PRINCESS MARGARET HOSPITAL..which the fella at the airport told me..PlINCE MALGLET HOSPITAL...=.=...then reached there and went to see dad..he was stable by the time i reached...then me n mummy went to have dinner in circle K - instant pasta- and then we put him in the ward and left to go to Novotel Hotel in tung chung near the airport..checked out selves in and slept..

Day 5: woke up..watched tv like a pig..hehe...then showered and by then mummy had already left to go fetch papa from the hospital...i showered and went down to go to North City Gate that is attatched to the hotel...ZOMG!!!its a mall with only branded stuff and it was cheap!!..was awesome..went and got my korean food came running back to the room coz they dont have the room key..had my lunch and they came back had ran off to the airport to go book the flight and we got the 6.15 flight..checked out of the hotel at 3 to the airport..had some extra time after checking in to go buy magazines...hehe...then took the train..then the bus to the plane and flew home..bird and mark drove to kl sentral to pick us up..slept and back to work the nex day...

that is preety much the explicit summary of the trip...the nex one im going on..will only be with the man i marry..or date..haha...:) checkout the pictures in part 2..:)

Hong Kong part 2.

Just some of the pictures from Hong view the whole album check our my fb..:)


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