Thursday, June 16, 2011

Making a Wish List!

Not to long ago i was asked to joining a multilevel networking company..and i did...they had a preety interesting concept..because we making a lot of money at a very fast i joined senior working partner told me this..''do not tell anyone about what ur doing with the company will you have completed the 8 week training session''...and i went..''8 weeks???u planning on killing me?'' was once a week tings..that she didnt tell me..and i sat thru it...and i must thought me some very valuable things...for instance,making a wish list to keep my dreams on focus...

first i was asked to list down what i wanted, and they had to be detailed i.e i wanted a car..what model,color,cc,spec wen i wanted it,how much it cost...then asked to prioritize,then asked to number them...having done that i realized  how much i wanted from life materialistically speaking that is..and how easy it was gona make my life to be...and i noticed..i added stuff to the list on a daily basis...which was intimidating coz..wer the hell am i gona find that much money??...

so well,now peeps,im making myself a wish list..exatly like how i did earlier...the only different gona be listing down if its gona be a need or a it with me..might help u get ur life more in focused!

1.       A Car-to go to work-need
2.       A House-to move out from this god forsaken prison-need
3.       Bird's Education-i want his wedding card to have a 'BSC"- need
4.       Find myself a boyfriend-i dont plan on being single all my life-want
5.       Open a youth center-to help out kids with issues who need a place they can call home-want
6.       To have exact change for everything i plan on buying in the near future-so i will never have to say '' i                  have no money or im on a tight budget'' eva again!!!!-want..

well thats all for now i guess,its gona be longer tomoro once i walk in n out of charles and keith....hehe...anyways...i have soooooo many tings on my mind to blog about..will do it wen i have the time...and nur sabrina cheaky cheaky aminah ''u sneeze one more time its gona be fuck u n not bless u'' mustafa....i love u sooooooo much and im missing u waiting to see u..coz...imma make u fat women!!!!!

pictures gone wrong!

                      When you see 2 pigs and a piglet then everything is OK.


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