Sunday, January 29, 2012

Me & My Boyfriend

Okay! Hold that thought!! Don't judge!

So, since every darn time I go out with anyone, I get random people buying me drinks or coming up to me and talking about the most random-est topic or giving me their number or getting the waiter to give me with their business card. And I've also been getting so many questions on Facebook and other Social Media sites on weather or not I am single and available, and well I feel like I should put it down in black and white, so things are nice and clear.

Our love story began while I was at a grocery store and you know how sometimes you see stuff and do a double take. And so, I was walking down one of the aisle and there he was,just standing there..staring back at me.. we kinda like made eye contact and it was rely cute.

He was there doing his thing, and I was walking down the aisle,Well, if you know me, you would know I completely ignore bystanders who watch me shop for god only knows what reason. And so I said ''HELLO'' cause,I don't want to be rude and he smiled right back at me! I melted. So, then there was this awkward silence between us *inserts cricket sound*. Just while we were standing there, and I was like checking him out, I could like just tell that we belong together and we will be there for each other how ever hard life is gona get. We literally like just clicked.I knew it. He knew it.We knew it.

Then I went on, and brought him home after shopping.*Don't judge* And we've been together ever since. But like every other couple, we do have our ups and downs together. Sometimes when I'm not in the mood for anything I would be like, '' Just get away from me or not tonight please'' but there are other times when I'm like,'' Owh please just come to me and put me to sleep''. We're normal.

So thats the story of Me & My Boyfriend, and we're been happily together ever since. And yea, I love him and he's the best. Can't complain.

So,everyone, it is a great honour for me to introduce to you to...

                             And he even say's ''MILK IT''..Owh honey!!We'll save that for the bedroom!!

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