Monday, October 3, 2011

a little something that means everything...

After meeting today,i realized..i cannot be wonder women..however hard i try to jus be..a 20 teenager who didn't have a proper stuck with her family waiting for a miracle...

Fanning for me,bird and mum is hell not easy wen uve got a life sucking ass sucking the life outta u every waking minute!!!then u go to work thinking u can detach urself from the situation...but NOOOO...ur bosses are well..worst then ur dad is...lord!..hw did i put myself in such a i cant sleep jus tinking about how they abuse ppl and not appreciate anyting we do for them...urrgghh...ive got to quit man..cant be ranting foreva like getting tired of not sleeping and becoming a bloody zombie..i appreciate the opportunity given but rely..its not worth one bit of everything i have to go thru..not to mention the shit pay the offer..and tink like it shud be enaf to support my fly?..puh-leze..i have done productions and i earn 3 to 4 times of the shit salary u pay..and u say..u want me to be focused wen i work there??err..hello??..u try living on the money u pay ppl!!!uurrgghh!!...resign..thats it!..

Here's to a man, i thought meant something..:-

 ive been appreciating the moments u come online, 
regardless on your phone or on skype.

because when ure online, thats the only way im connected to you.
thats the only way i could ever reach u.

i never complaint bout not having enough time
to chat with u.
i never complaint bout not receiving replies from you
when i chat with u.

infact, im sorry for sometime spamming your inbox
with my lame messages.
because all i want, is to know that you're alright.

chatting with you is soo special
that i wouldnt want to make u to wait for my replies,
and i dont mind being the one who wait for yours.

and finally all that i want,
is you to know how special those moments are,
and for you to know how much i appreciate them.

if only you know im talking bout you :)


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