Thursday, December 30, 2010


limitation to lameness?..dunt say ul call back if u have no intentions of calling back la..false hope jerr..grr..u noe wen uve had those moment..looking at ur fon a gazillion times hopeing ud receive a text from someone and nting comes no matter how many times u miracle didnt would have meant a lot haih..

and oo..jus so u nt a tink i made my self sound like one..haha...kesian seriously...get to noe me first la b4 umm going further??..that was no good with stuff like sorry la dude keh..we'r soo much better off as friends coz umm..its a hell of a lot easier to cry to a friend then someone more then that...:)..jus so u noe..i nvr let go easy..xoxo..

there was once this awesome women whom i intentions of having anything to do with her..she was oddly silent..never uttered a word unless she absolutely needed to..ALWAYS had her hands over her mouth....sat nex to her one day..and that was the start to the never ending conversations we have till now..she doesnt realize how awesome she is..stayed with her a while ago..the best nights i have had in long..long time...stay with me will be lost without u..:)..


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