Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Questioning the Authenticity..

Hello everyone!!

Its been sometime since i've blogged..Purely due to working odd hours then coming home to only shower and sleep wake up and rush off to work.

So, alot has happened over the last couple of months.

well, here what i came to really say today. i have a brother i am proud off. given the fact that we come from a broken home. but what dissapoints me is that, we, did not send him the way he is now... we sent a loving boy who would cared abt people, sometimes too much.

i've said this somewhat many times over, '' he treats us the way he treat you.'' he has changed. some, im fine with, others im not. but who am i to stop a boy who is growing from experiencing all that he is.

Then, he meets this girl. Who i personally think is a wonderful girl. Comes from a loving family. and he insisted that i meet her before my parents do and i gave him my blessings. things progressed and bonds grew, arguements occured and tears fell. What im sad about is, or rather more bewildered about is, why do i have to put myself in everyone elses shoes when they dont?

Do you know what it feels like to have a brother TAKEN away and not allowed or more so, voluntarily chooses not to come back? for weeks sometimes months?? and when you see him its like u dont know him and u feel like the stranger and he has a new set of sisters and a mom to look after and ur on the side there watching everything going down and wondering what the hell jus happened?? Fine. Im being possessive? drop it. il not call. il not text. il not visit. il not ask to comeback. il not facebook msg u. il not write on ur wall. il pretend i dont have a brother. i never grew up with one. i never looked after one.

So, next. this is gona get personal. but i need to vent. if u wna hate me be my guest.  You talk to me abt how he has changed and he isnt who u fell in love with and etc. I feel for you, cz i see the same changes. You say he not doing this and he not doing that, fine. Il talk to him and see if i can his side of the story and if i can explain what it is ur feeling. You wna go somewhere and he is not making an effort *that is genetic*. fine. I plan it for you. I make get the car. Buy the tickets. and make effort to make this happen for you... we go we have fun. we do all the shit u hv nvr done. and when we ask to go the next day you guys say no then go? post a status then delete it? then say that you have apologized and i am obligated to accept it? then say im being sarcastic? then call me *female*? then say im talking shit about you?? mother of god...ego is sky high.

Im not mad at u for the way things turned out to be as in u went despite telling us no. im jus dissapointed that you couldnt have said a word bfr going or atleast while you were there if u claim to say that u were bored and sitting by the toilet..u could clarify my facebook status updates bfr assuming im talking abt u.

Not saying that it is ur responsibility to be answering to me. it should have been my brother's. he failed to do what he should have done and this bickering is the result of what happens when he has been given a taste of the life of the rich and famous. he forgot where he came from. he forgot respect. he forgot responsibility. he forgot commitment. he forgot family. he forgot the definition of love.

Well, i apologise if i have hurt you in anyway with the things that have been said and done by me. jus know that my facebook status's are not meant for you. neither did i mean to hurt you. Im sorry. but these are some of the dissatisfaction i have been feeling over the past couple of month. not a big fan of things being bottled up. so there. im open to having a sit down conversation to clear the air.

sincerely, me.

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