Sunday, February 12, 2012

*Gasssppp*Ghost Story!

This is a story of that has been an uproar recently. A man who happens to work in Seremban. One day (the day Thursday evening Friday) he had to return to Kuala Pilah to host a feast for a deceased family member. The feast ended approximately at 11:00 pm, he had to leave to come back to Kuala Lumpur alone, although a bit late,for the next day he was working.
Arriving at Bukit Putus, the road was windy and had a lot of turns, he saw a woman dressed in white was stopping his car. His heart was moved to help. So he stopped his car and asked "What is a young lady like you doing out so late at night ?", " Please help me. My car has stalled! ... I have tried to stop other cars for help. But they do not want to stop. Can I get a lift to Seremban? I can pay you how ever much you want? ". Somehow it moved his heart to help a beautiful woman dressed in white.

"Oklah. I also want to go to Seremban", slipped out of his mouth ... but he still had doubts ... He opened the door and invited her into the car.The girl did not want to sit in my seat back, continued to sit in front next tio him. He would have said something, but the girl is too quick to close the door and lock the door.The men's heart was beating so fast . He tried to calm himself down. ... as if nothing will/would happened. He remained silent because he regrets why he so easily allow a woman in his car in the middle of the night .

But the strange thing is, he felt kind of compelled stop and  to help this girl. He is the kind who is timid with women! They each remained silent for sometime.Suddenly ... he began to feel horror & bristle hairs when the girl is suddenly emitting a fragrant smell. He began to recite holy verses that came to his head.Sweat began to wet his forehead. He was not happy to sit silently more. Girl is seen as quite bright when oncoming vehicles light falls on her. He was brave enough to take a glance at her. The girl was also looking at him with a smile. Showing her white teeth, paired with the clothes that she wore ...
He was brave and asked, "Why are you wearing white at a time in the night like this??"This is my formal dress every Friday night ...""I have a class ''yasin" replied the girl is"But .. this is a different kind of white... I have never seen this before "the man asked again."What do you mean different kind of white?? ... its the same. Uh, have you really never seen it before? " He replied '' yeah, this is kind of different ,awkward and scary.. ""Ehh, it cant be scary.."

"Just use Breeze New Color Detergent!!!"Men's wide-open and stepped on the paddle and car accelerated ...Hehe..I hope I did not scare the crap out of you. But do tell me what you think.Thank you for reading!!!My name is Anita Joyce and I cover lifestyle events, food reviews, movies, tech and have special live for volunteer work and other random stuff. ''Like''my facebook page and follow me on twitter @garlic2me to stay tuned for updates!You may contact me via my email at anita.joyce[at]rocketmail[dot]com


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