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The Adultery Club - Book Review *18SX*

''A man who cheats with you will cheat on you,so how are you ever going to trust him even if you do manage to pries him away from his sad-sack spouse? And let's get real,the odds on that happening are microscopic, despite the friend of a friend everyone knows who finally got to walk down the aisle with one husband, slightly used, after years of patients waiting. It's an urban myth. If they don't leave their wives in 3 months, they'll never leave.''- Tess Stimson.

I have just finished reading the book Adultery Club,I bought a while ago. Finally had the chance to sit down and read,with no need to be conscious of time and frantically running about having to be at places.So,here's my adaptation of this fantastic book! The story is pretty much a reflection of what had happened in my childhood.

by Tess Stimson
Happily married to a beautiful wife,cookbook writer Malinche, with 3 young daughters,lawyer Nicholas Lyon never expected his growing passion for Sara Kaplan, a vivacious young attorney in his law firm,or that his wife will also be confronting her own temptation in the person of an ex-lover,in a candid and witty novel of modern relationships.

The book is written in 3 point of views. I normally am very selective of books that have more then one person's point of view as the story can get repetitive and misleading. Nonetheless, Tess Stimson has proved me wrong. There's always 2 side to a story and it is nice for once to know what the other person is thinking,or why a certain something was said or done.

Sophie the eldest daughter, is nine years old, matured enough to know of whats happening to her perfect family, and doesn't take all that's happening to well.

Evie on the other hand, has a different take on life. She is more of a in the moment,seize the day kinda child. I must say though,she has a wacky sense of humor. I'll let you in on some of them.

''I found a cat today, but it was dead,'' six year old Evie announces.
I suppressed a shoulder. ''How did you know it was dead?''
'' Because I pissed in it's ear,and it didn't move'', Evie says.
''You did what?''
''You know'',she says impatiently. "I leaned over and went 'Psst!', and it didn't move.''

And in another occasion,

''Moses --and I quote -- 'led the Hebrew slaves to the Red Sea where they made unleavened bread,which is bread made without any ingredients. Then went up Mount Cyanide to get the ten commandos. He died before he ever reached Canada but the commandos made it''.
I snorted with laughter. 
''No,no,wait,it gets better,'' Mal giggles. ''Ancient Egypt was old. it was inhabited by the gypsies and mummies who all wrote in hydraulics. They lived in Sara Dessert. Climate of Sara is such that all the inhabitants have to live elsewhere''.

Ha ha,well there you have it, innocent six year old Evie's innocence.

Not forgetting their baby girl Metheny,who is 2 years old,and doesn't say much.

Sara Kaplan on the other hand,is a 26 year old divorce lawyer who is new to the firm Fisher Richard and Lyon. A very alluring young lady,who could anyone aroused.

''I sought her out with the most honest intentions.I truly meant for this to be a tying up of loose ends.
But that touch is all it takes. A fire ignites between us; my cock is hard rock in an instant, and Sara's eyelids flutter,I smell her arousal. Gripping her face between my palms, I bruise her lips beneath mine. I taste the metallic tang of blood and don't know which one of us is cut.

She yanks my shirt out of my trousers as I propel her backwards towards the glossy mahogany conference table and  shove her skirt over her thighs. She fumbles with my belt buckle. Button plink across the table as I rip open her shirt. I push aside her panties with fierce fingers. 

 I would like to continue,but I urge you to buy the book and have the pleasure of reading it for yourself. And trust me, there will be many more sexy encounters like this.

Malinche Lyon, is Nicholas cookbook writer wife, who is the type of wife every man dreams of having. She cooks,cleans,provides for the family and looks after the kids with the helping hand of her best friend Kit. i admire how she did not cause a World War 3 with Nicholas when she found out details she should not have.  A strong women, who should be an example to many women out there who are in similar situation.

Nicholas Lyon, a husband, a dad, a provider who was providing for his family dutifully. All of which came to a halt the moment he saw Sara Kaplan. The man's desires and lust could not be contained. He craved to have her,and took every opportunity he had.

I love how the story ends, with just the simplicity of valuing LOVE and all that it encompasses. 

I would say,this is a typical story of a husband,wife and the mistress, with surprising twists and amazing amount of patients, passion and pleasure.

I'll end with another Evie's EPIC moments,

''Two by two the son of a bitch is 4; two by three the son of a bitch is 6, I asked Evie where did she hear this, she said in school. I stormed in,to question what they had been teaching. When I related the encounter to her teacher, she laughed so hard she had to sit. She then later explained, that she said, two by two THE SUM OF WHICH IS four.''

That's all for now, I implore you to get the book in any of the MPH outlets(got mine there) or any of the bookstores near you!..

Mwah!Mwah!..XoXo..Love ya:)

PS: Please accept my sincere apologies on the repetitive post, Dr will be checking it this weekend. 

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