Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Miss You


A word with merely just 4 characters that hold everything.
It wakes you up in the morning,provides you your meals according to it, retires you for the day, and puts you to bed at night.
Takes you places,gives you deadlines.
Grows with you, and determines your life.

I wish you'd spend some time with me,
to know what I have to endure,
I wish you'd spend some time with me,
to know that I've missed you,
I wish you'd spend some time with me,
to know that I love you.

I thought I knew you, once,
but things began to change,
before I knew it,
Pfft! You grew up,
and I lost you.

I wondered if things would be any different,
if time stood still.
I wondered if you would change,
if time can be reversed.
I wondered if you would know,
if I was no longer here.

Growing up,I fought for you like a warrior,
wanting only whats best for you,
Never excepting anything less then perfect.,
Hovering over you like a hawk,
watching every move you made, hoping that it was the best for you.

I hope you remember me,
the one who was always there.
I hope you know me,
before its too late.
I hope you wont regret,
 when it is.

You are strong and bold,
but you'll always be my baby.
You are smart and wise,
but you'll always be a kid in my eyes.
You are brave and valiant
but you'll always be the boy I'll look after.
You are witty and charming,
but you'll  always be cute to me.

It breaks my heart to see you walk out that door,
but I jump like a loon every time I see you walk in.
I ask,everyday,when will you return,
but the answer I get is never what I want it to be.
I hope and pray,
that when you return,you'd stay,
but to my utter disappointment,you leave instead.

If tomorrow never comes,
I'd wish you knew the love I have for you.
If tomorrow never comes,
I'd hope you know I want whats best for you.
If tomorrow never comes,
I'd want you to know, my love for you will never end.

You should know,
I love watching you sleep,because I know you are at peace.
You should know,
I always thought I'd take on the world with you as my wing man,
You should know,
I'll always be proud of you.

We fight and we biker,
but that has never made me feel apart.
We laugh and we giggle,
but that made me never want to stop.
We talk and comfort,
it has just made me just love you more.

You're out with your friends today,
and your cousins tomorrow,
Busy with college today,
and church tomorrow,
Zooming by in the car today,
and on the bike tomorrow.
I'll just hope and pray you stay safe today and tomorrow.

The first day you left the nest,
I thought, my god!,he's big,
The first day you went to work,
I thought, gee, a grown man,
The first day of every weekend when you return,
I think, aww, my baby's home.

It disappoints me when you leave the moment you come back,
It makes me sad that you go,not knowing I've been anxiously waiting,
It hurts that you don't stay, but I guess, I'm to blame, coz,
I have nothing to offer you to stay.

I just want you to grow up, not forgetting,
I'll be here,in the shadows of your big bright life,
waiting for when you'd come home and ask me out.

Yours Always,


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