Saturday, July 30, 2011

Watch if ur an INDIAN!!!!! part 1..

If your an INDIAN..ul love this!!..and im preety sure ul agree with everything thats on gona have parts on up with me aite!!..mwah!

i noe this is in hindi but aren't they its sooo true!..haha..and well Rupan is like a real mom!..dayum man!..well..Jus Reign is as awesome as always..

And then meeeeettt these 2 dude i randomly came across!!..hahahahaha!!! kidding but they are both HOT..for indians!..hilarious!...i foresee a rely rely bright future for em!!..:) the indian dance!!..HARDCORE indians!

hahahahahha!!!WTF!!!...jus reign leaves me speechless everytime!!


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