Monday, October 15, 2012


Wow, how long has it been since my last entry. I can't even remember! Well, I work in a hotel and shift hours are really crazy because they change everyday!! Off-days vary from week to week, but one thing is for sure, I love what I do.

I missed blogging. Well, the reason I'm writing today is because I had 2 days off and no longer have a Monday to worry about.

So, today I was watching movies, well, I've been watching sooooo many movies on YouTube. Hundreds of them infact over the past month. Why? Because I do not have a TV at home. You see, of late I have been having worries, and I keep constantly thinking of people I love and the choices I wish they would make, for their happiness. But, the movies I watched today thought me that, the choices have to be left in their hands to make. They decide their destiny. As much as I want what's best for them, they have to know and decide what is best for them. If they are not sure, they can ask/ you can give them advise if you think that they are on the wrong path. But ''You can bring a horse to the water, but you can't force the horse to drink the water.''

So, I have decided to let my worries go. Let them come look for me when they are ready.

Also, on another note, one's life has grown to be so weary that we often forget what it is to laugh and be happy. We have every right to be happy you know. To be care free, once in a while.

What happened to all the imagination and happy thoughts?? What happened to all the smiles and laughter?? What happened to all the friends?? What happened to being a free bird??

Why tie yourself down with unnecessary worries and unhappiness?? I understand that grown ups have commitments and jobs to worry about, but no one said that in order to live a steady life you need to be a robot. Waking up at 5.30, going to work so early just to beat the jam. Slaving away, going out for a puff and back at the table, going in and out of the bosses office getting firing. Then, getting off work, getting stuck in the jam more cursing and swearing. Reach home and shower, get dinner, have some personal time then off to bed getting ready for the next day. Same darn cycle repeating its self day in and day out.

Why are people forgetting to live?? Appreciate the moment?? What is you don't have tomorrow??What if you missed out on life?? And realize it all when it's too late??

So, just stop! Stop for a moment and think. Its okay, to live. Its okay. Its okay to make a mistake. Its okay to not be perfect. Its okay to not be a robot. Its okay.Its fine. Just don't settle for less then what you deserve.

Okay, take care now. I LOVE YOU. Ttyl.

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