Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Wicked One Night!!

Our Wicked One Night, began as a random plan as a spur of the moment. We planned,got ready and left. We were soon on our way to INTI, Nilai to pick up my brother, and soon after we were on our way to Port Dickson!!! woootss!..haha..

It was an hour and a half's drive from Cheras, to Nilai, then to PD at a reasonable speed cause we had a female driver driving in the night! So, we reached the beach after making a pit stop at the Balai Polis Negeri Sembilan to get some directions,because apparently, we were on the ''kampung'' roads with no signboards and street lights!

We reached Port Dickson,and went straight charging into the water to dip out feets. We would have loved to have swam, but the locals advised us not to go in as the maybe strong currents and other ''spooky adventures'' happening, if you know what I mean.

P/S: All images were taken by me except the one's with me in them with a CanonEOS600D.:)
My cousin attempting to do her assignment.
Brother and Cousin
Finally I get a picture with my brother!!!

After trolling *no we did not stroll* the beach for a while and cam-whoring, we were all hungry!!Typical. We drove down further in, and found a malay stall selling food and they had shisha!! We all ate nasi goreng and had our drinks with fair share of laughter and more cam-whoring.

                                                                           My favourite boys!

And look at which cutie we saw!!!

Later after dinner at about 2.30a.m or so, we decided to drive in to the end of PD and back out. Now, if you have never been inside PD at night, I must say, it was quiet a drive. We drove in to our favourite hotel of all times - Tiara Beach Resort - which is awesome for billions of reasons I will never finish listing. We parked outside the hotel, and took out our tiny little radio, plugged the pen drive in and started dancing by the road side. YES, WE ARE THAT CRAZY!!! More pictures!! Evidence of cam-whoring!

3 Idiots *the movie*

 Perfecting the art of cam-whoring with timer.

The Posers!!!

Once the radio and the laptop ran out of battery, we decided to go on back down to the beach and stroll this time around. The wind was nice,the view of the ships were nice, I would say, the beach is an entirely different place at night. Tho the waters may look calm and far out in the middle of the ocean, never be quick to judge and always be careful!

We then laid out a blanket on the soft sand not wanting our butts to be sandy, kicked of our shoes and we just chilled.
                                                                      And doing sand art
 A genuine message from me to all my readers!!!Thank you for your continuous support and keep em coming!!
                                          Sending big waves of LOVE from all of us to you!!

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Feeding the Homeless and Visit to the Asrama Cahaya

Olla everyone!!!

Last wednesday, 25th January 2012, My awesome team and I were ask by our team leader Marian Chua to help out with some charity work. It was a lunch for the homeless which was sponsored by her and her family, followed by a give-away donation for the Asrama Cahaya.

We left our houses bright and early at about 9.30am, headed down to St.Johns Cathedral to cook for the homeless people!!!We got down to cutting the veggies, and frying chicken and serving them meehoon with some awesome fried chicken, and since it's Chinese New Year , we gave them mandarin oranges!!
 Serving up!!!
Packing leftovers!
Me and Rachel Hung

In my previous entry you can read about feeding the homeless, but this time I would like to share with you the story of Asrama Cahaya. Asrama Cahaya is situated in Convent Bukit Nanas school. The home is more then a 150 years old. This home took in female orphans who were left during the war and random people leaving their child at their gate. The home was run and still is being run by nun's. They would take the children in, care for them, and they were old enough to work or if they have found their families, they will let free to go. 

But what happens to the one's with disabilities?What happens to the one's with no families?
A very good question indeed. Asrama Cahaya had officially stopped taking in children in the late 60's. This is due to the fact, back in the days, there weren't many homes for orphans around and the very few that existed were run my missionaries. People took it as an outlet to dump their child with disabilities there, either because they did not have the funds to support a child with disabilities or they weren't responsible enough.

Okay, so they don't take in anymore people, what happened to the existing one's??
Aunty BYE BYE:)
Haaaaaa!!! The photos that you will see from here on is them! They grew old in the hand and care of the nun's. Currently there are 35 of the residing there. The home is huge! I must say. There are 4 nun's and 6 helpers to care for the ladies. They are very friendly and they love taking photos. 

We gave out bags filled with chocolate milk,crackers,oranges,jelly and cream crackers to each one of them.

Me and Delores.
Rachel and aunty.
Felicia and aunty SMILEY!!
Francis and some aunties 
They loved being photographed!!!


                  So that's them!! Aren't they cute?? I find old people charming and cuddly and awesome!

Their rooms.


It is compulsory that everyone showers twice a day for those who are able to walk and are independent.And for those who are bedridden, they will be wiped down or showered once a day.

 This is where they dry their laundry.

Medical Room
 The medical room is where they keep the medications that will be given out to the patients during breakfast and dinner. 
                                                                        The dining room
Arts & Crafts Room

Some of their pieces.

Details of Asrama Cahaya:-

 Address: Asrama Cahaya, Infant Jesus Convent, Rumah Wanita Cacat, Jalan Bukit Nanas, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan  
Tel No.: (603) 20780736    
Fax No.: (603) 20783904
Year Founded: 1911
Contact Person: Sr. Stephanie Samy
Operating Hours: 9.00am - 5.00pm (Monday-Friday), 9.00am - 1.00pm (Saturday)
Age Group Served: Above 47 years old
Types of disabilities Served: All Disabilities
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