Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feeding the Homeless

Feeding the homeless, some would think it is an act of kindness. Others, take is as a responsibility to society. So, my question is ''Are we helping them?'' or just merely ''Sympathizing''  with them. 

There are many homeless people in Kuala Lumpur, including those who have jobs but do not earn enough to rent a room or house. They sleep on the streets of popular areas in the city.

You maybe surprised that these homeless people in the heart of Kuala Lumpur are not all beggars or vagabonds. In fact, many of them work during the day. But, what happens to them at night??

 They do not make enough to pay for houses or rooms and find it easier to make ends meet by sleeping on the streets.
Most of us have the preconception that the homeless are, people with torn clothing,uncut hair, dirty nails and etc. Well, I've gone, seen them and I'm here to tell you otherwise. Appearance can be deceiving. 
Many of whom i have seen are well dressed and speak fluent English, I would have never have thought that they are sleeping on the streets. I've been told that,they dress up well so that they could fit in with the rest of society. Facing rejection on a daily basis is a huge barrier for people like them to crawl out of their predicament.

So, what about their family?? Why won't their family help them?? Some of them are rejected by their family due to their illness, some have been homeless since they have no family members, some say that broken families was the main reason why they were living on the streets and some just prefer the freedom of being independent and not being tied down to a routine lifestyle. 
The common goal shared by many of the NGOs is to take the homeless off the streets and find proper jobs for them so that they do not go back to the streets.
From left: Marian Chua (volunteer on Fridays), Carl (PIC) , Volunteer , Musician , Edmund Kwok (Volunteer), Uncle (a homeless person)
You can come help , feed the homeless people at the Archdiocesan Office for Human Development (AOHD) in Jalan Bukit Nenas. which is the official arm of the Catholic Church, in the Archdiocese of KL, Malaysia, entrusted with overseeing matters pertaining to the promotion of charity, integral human development, justice and peace.

The senior citizen are made to sit at a table and food will be handed out to them. As for the rest, women will be served first, then the men. They will have to form a queue, first pick up their plates of rice, then move on to the gravy station, then the side dish. Although it is a simple meal, but once they have had it, that smile they have on their faces, is a smile of content.
These were the pictures from the Christmas Party that was had for them. The food was sponsored by Hard Rock Cafe. Over 200 homeless people showed up! 
The Rolling Stones performed at the Christmas Party. People from all walks of life were present. It didn't matter if they were Indians, Chinese, Muslims,Taiwanese, Myanmarese, everyone was there!!

 After their meal, everyone was given a goodie bag that contained a box of sugar cane drink, a shirt, and some snacks.

The Hard Rock Cafe Team who served everyone well..:)
So, as many of you may have read before, I am a die hard fan of volunteer work. I would go anywhere, do anything just to make another person smile. 
             “They just need a chance”

                   Come on people..U n ME, TOGETHER, WE can make a difference!!

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  1. Yes I agree with you. We should care for the people that might need our help! Good job Joyce! =)

  2. So kind of you...Yea, now I think Im luckier. =]

  3. Good post. Its an eye opener to many people who take what they have for granted. Yet in our developed status, we have homeless and hungry people.

  4. That's so touching. Such a good deed. Would love to help out the next round. Just buzz me.


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