Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My New Year, 2012 Resolutions

As a fellow blogger  ( NANAalways says, and I quote ''fashionably and glamorously late''. Many, and I should stress on the many,of you have asked me over and over and over and over..''So,Anita,what is your New Year's resolution??'' to which if you remember correctly, I would have responded with '' Nah, I don't want to set myself expectations that's only going to disappoint me''. But then, I realized, why don't I challenge myself to some ''moderately impossible to achieve goals'' and see how far I get.

So, I promised some of you readers through my e-mails, to which is how I respond to the ''overwhelming'' amount of comments. Anyhow, below would be the list of 2012 resolutions that I've thought of hard and looooonggg, its the reason I'm late. 

On another note, has anyone else have been experiencing trouble uploading images to Blogger??? Seriously, my entries are being held back for days because I can't seem to get my images up. Nonetheless, I shall not come up with excuses and give you what I've promised myself not to.

1. Quit Smoking

Well, I'm not a chain smoker or an addict. I am a social smoker. I smoke when I have company and when I'm under a lot of pressure. But,well, since any kind of smoking is not good, I have made a bold step to quit smoking. If you see me pick up or light up a ciggie infront of you, please just yell ''SQUIRREL!!!!!" *that was a line the little sneaky fella says from the movie UP*

2. Learn something NEW

I have not decided on what I'm going to be learning yet, but I wouldn't mind considering some suggestions. You can leave them in the comments below! *owh,dear kind soul reading this,please help me on my quest to soul searching*

3. Decide on what I want to do with life

I seriously, have no clue on what I want to be or do. I live currently on a day to day basis. If I have money, i eat,otherwise,I don't. *HOLD THAT THOUGHT!* Yes, I am working. But, the only Certificate I seem to have is my Birth Cert and well, SPM,if that's even worth anything. Pathetic in it? So, You're probably ''wondering why don't you study?''. Well, I would love too!! But, we all have our own reasons on certain things that holds us back.

4. More Volunteer based blog entries

So, as you can see, and if you stalk me on all cyber spaces, you would know, I do a somewhat moderate amount of volunteer work. Feeding the homeless every Fridays, teaching kids to dance, teaching refugees English, etc. I go out, I do what I have to do, then I become the sloth of the universe when I have to write a blog entry cause I'm too tired to move a toe. Write the next day, you say. When it comes to writing for events like this, it has to be an on the spot kinda thing, so one wouldn't loose the train of thought and the flow of events that took place. 

5. Reduce the amount of time I spend on Social Media Networking

Many of you know, I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1. And that device my friends, is just, bad. Bad in a sense, it just tends to steal me away from society,steal me away from conversations,steal me away from conmunicating verbally,freaking makes me look like a lunatic in public laughing hysterically at the tablet thanks to 9gag or Joel Wong's sarcasm on Sarcasm?Puh-leeze! . I am addicted to Facebook, and blog walking. Did not have a Twitter account up until a month back,of which I do not use much of as most of my friends like in Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve and some live in Tanjung Rambutan. Its just the constant reading and curiosity and wanting-to-knowness on weather or not I did get a notification!!!Heck, my mother finds me creepy laughing in bed at 3a.m. I find that creepy.But I can't help it.

6. Need to find a MAN!

Okay, like seriously, every year, I tell myself, I'M NOT GOING TO BE ALONE FOR VALENTINES! But hey, come Valentines, I am the Queen Bee of foreveralone.jpg every darn year. I had a valentine once in 21 years. That once, I had a male cat who died a week later.Yeap, I am that pathetic. Somebody, find me a man. 

Well, after reading all that, I bet even the potential ''mapilai'' would run away. Nonetheless, there is still hope! 
And I am going to delete all thoughts of me becoming a spinster with 14 cats!

So, well, thats my 2012 New Year Resolution all for now my loves, I will let you know if anything else comes to mind. Toodles till later. 

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