Saturday, February 11, 2012

A day at the Waterfall,Sg,Gabai

Greeting my fellow earthlings!!:) I hope you're AWESOME!!!

Well this entry is a little delayed, but its out anyway. Me and my family headed down to the waterfalls near my home. Since it was Chienese New Year, and everybody was on holiday, we decided to drive down to Sungai Gabai in Hulu Langat. It was a 30 minutes drive from where I live.

The entrance fee is only RM1.00. The water is ice cold and clear!!! Even as you enter, you can see the water fall, but my suggestion will be to climb up. We climbed the stairs to the top.*well have way atleast,we had mummy senior with us.*

Climbin' up..
Ignore what a hot mess we look like - Me and Mummy

So, after like climbing up Mount Everest, we couldn't climb anymore *excuse the pun* we decided to settle down at one of the ''pondok like thingy''.  And this was our  view!!!

Not long after we arrived, the boys came over. 

Half naked boys!!!-.-

There was a rock that became the slide!!! Because its slippery and hollow at the bottom, everyone was flying down by it. 

The water isn't as shallow as it is in Sungai Congkak. With that said, please do not attempt to do any diving unless you would like to land yourself in the hospital with PHD (Permanent Head Damage).

The apes have been set free in the jungle!!!

Ps - Notice how deep the water is!
A sandwich slide down rock slipperiness!!

Me and my cousin - A picture before leaving

I hope you go and experience the icy clean and cold water and the calm serene atmosphere for yourself.
There aren't any bugs around,well besides water spiders that would not harm you.:)

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  1. Anita!

    Where is Sg Gabai again?

    Would love to come here someday!

    1. Azhaaammm!!!!

      Its in Hulu Langat!!! Lemme know if you want to go!! Can take you!!

  2. kaaaaa! where on earth have you been???! i thought you blocked me :( guess you deactivate your fb account isnt? btw! sungai gabai is great right, the water is so cool and nice. :3


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