Monday, October 31, 2011

Secret Admirer in the Office:)

Okay, so today being Monday, I was so tired and lazy to go to work after such a hectic weekend. 
But anyways, got my lazy butt up and got to work and well, I was on the normal routine.
E-mails,Facebook,Blog and more E-mail then began working.

I work for an Online Retail company which happens to be doing very well at the present moment and looks like we have a bright future ahead of us.

It was then lunch time when, filled my belly with some yummylicious food and came back to check my E-mails, when i found this!

This was done for the fun off it..but my god!!..the entire office has a good laugh...because Customer Care e-mails go to everyone!!!We have a number of personnel in our customer service team..and we didn't know who this came from..and imagine receiving the bottom email in your inbox!! how creepy is that?...and then later receiving the reply!!..We all had a good laugh!!..

A day in the office, with crazy fun people..:)

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