Friday, August 5, 2011

The Long Awaited Arrival...

well..i tink i forgot to tell u..or mayb i story u again...coz..awesome news is meant to be shared...:)..

My cuzin gave birth for the second time and its a baby gurl!!!..hehe...ive got 3 nephews (Ray,Ryan and Nicholas) and finally a niece!..well this was the text i received while i was at the office having a busy day...

''Nicholas jus got a big brother! We welcome with love baby Isabelle Daveena Vial born 02.08.2011 at 14.04 -3.48kgs/52cms.With grateful hearts Adelina,Roger and Nicholas''

i was like soooo freaking hapy..i literally started jumping up n down and everyone in the office knew that i my cuz gave birth..hehe...i noe for sure..she's gona be one smoking hot little young lady..they'l be down in december...hehe..i cant wait man!!!...

This is the one and only picture available of her at the moment..coz well...they proly like took a gazillion pitures but din Nicholas's 1st birthday in Genting last year when the theme was Sesame Street..seriously..i went like an!..sooo out of theme..but was sooo last minute i duno wer to go look for a custume!

Anyways..when they are down in december....*they live in sydney,australia* be sure to take like loaaaddss of photos for u to see...:)

thats all for now..see u wen i see u...Mwah!!mwah!!..

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