Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quick & Easy Hair Care Tips!

Are you sick and tired of staring in the mirror wondering if your hair is okay??
 or maybe if it's messy?? 
or maybe if you looked like this?

* cough.,ehemm..thats me..:)

Hehe, so to make sure disasters never happens again I have partnered with John Lim
from 8Days Hair Salon And Academy to bring you some awesome hair care tips..

So, here's some advice from Sifu..:)

1. Invest in a suitable product for your hair and scalp... Not all products suits you.

2. Do not shampoo your hair for too long as it will rinse out to much natural oil from your scalp. *Which will then lead to dry scalp*

3.Always remember to condition hair from the ends up, after every wash.*avoid the scalp*

 If it does touch the scalp. Wash with water thoroughly.

4.Always have an alternate shampoo, which you will use twice to three times a week. 


1st you'll need a cleansing shampoo to clean dirt, grease, and products.

2nd you'll also need a shampoo that restores moisture for your hair after a long day outdoor with the Sun and all... 

5.Invest in a good hair brush... Gently comb your hair... doing it otherwise will lead to split ends and coarse hair. *Always comb hair from ends up...

We will be giving out hair care tips every week from now on every Sundays, stay tuned for video tutorials that would be coming up soon!! 

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  1. My hair is damaged and no matter what I tried, nothing seems to help ): and I'm having massive hair fall too :O

  2. Hey FiSh...basically there is no solution to split end... only prevention, which is to trim your hair often... Be kind to your hair, don't perform harsh combing... Kindly comb from bottoms up~~ Lots of Love John..:)

  3. Hi Hilda Milda!!!You commented!!!!

    This, we might have to look in to heredity influences along with good and bad nutrition diets... Add more Protein, Vitamin A, and drink lots of water to your diet...
    It depends on what kind of damaged hair you are talking about, Chemically, Dry, Split Ends, Frizzy... There are many ways. One of them is to use an acidic shampoo & conditioner, this will close up opened cuticles... Hope this will help... Love,John!

  4. As I have found some of exclusive and magnificent information about how to get healthy and shiny hairs. The post shows the quick and most easiest way about hair care. It's truly looking just knowledgeable for me. Thanks for sharing.


You are awesome!!!Thank you for your comment!:)


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