Monday, November 28, 2011

Malaysian Facebook??

Greetings my fellow earthlings!!

I've been working on a couple of projects lately, and one of the many would be What is Well, is a brand new social networking featuring light-blog media sites. Light blog (light-blogging) is between traditional blog (blogging) and micro-blog (micro-blogging).

Mface network when compared with other blogs and micro-blogging networks,concludes that light blogging is different. Mface network is undoubtedly simple, flexible, not so impetuous: a few words, a photo, a video light can become a blog.  -

Mface network is made convenient so that the release of video and short quotations are made ​​very simple much like Twitter.The appearance of the blog can be completely personalized settings, which is very suitable for self-expression, the same can be done with Mface network. Mface network is used to encourage publishing and sharing of numerous articles, thus, users can selectively share publicly or privately, choose to share either to fans group or circle of friends. A creative attempt to combine Facebook, Twitter and Blogger. Mface network is a new social experience, fun and practical! More fun exciting content for you to discover!

*Just a little sneek peak*

Do check out the website,and let me know what you think!:)

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  1. stop supporting mface and it was created by former scammer island red cafe boss teddy teow!!


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