Saturday, November 10, 2012

yes or a no?

Dear God,

Firstly i should compliment you on the wonderfull things that u have created. then i will ask u why did u creat men??? they say they are simple ceatures. but my goodness!!!! they are worst them women. well the one's i noe of atleast..i wont generelize. pity the innocent one's.

All i did was ask a simple question. '' Will you marry me?'' i never said now, i neve said tomorrow, i never said in 5 or 10 years time. it was an open ended question that could have been answered with a yes or a no. but instead i get this.

'' I don't wanna promise you anything,Anita. It's not safe to promise about marriage. I hope you understand. But, we can be together and see how far it takes us before actually deciding to settle down.''

then im being blamed for thinking too much..for procastinating..for assuming..omg!!! my question was fucking simple...i didn't need asn essay for an answer and i sure as hell didnt need to be blamed for things i did even do!!! wth?? why all these stress at such an odd hour!! im tired and im sleepy and i wanted to go to sleep happy jus knowing that someday il share my bed with the man of my dreams. but instead i get shit thrown in my face.

well, then i gave an example, what if i was lieing in a bed with you and it was silent and i looked u in the eye and asked u if u love me? what would u say.. he answered with 

''I will answer you,I love you too
because I do''

now imagine if he had answered my first question as simple as he had answered the second, would i not have gone to bed a happy child?? 
so pls. im not who i use to be. stop judging. im no longer a person who jumps the gun. well that may occasionally hapen, im still a women. im no longer one that thinks, i just do what pleases me and fuck the world abt what they have to say.

so when ur tits are calm. i hope u read this and noe that all i wanted was a yes or a no. cz im use to promises being broken and dont worry i wont hold u to your word. i learnt my lesson the hard way. im use to being let down. im use to being dumped when not needed. im a numb person. so please i beg. stop blaming me.
ur the one who is overthinking. 

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