Sunday, July 31, 2011

Watch if ur an INDIAN!!!!! part 2..

if ur an indian..ud sure as hell know this is sooooo true!!...they have super darn high expectation for us to meet...

hahaha!!..this soooo reminds me of me!!...isnt russel peters hot??...he looks a little like someone i noe..:)..i use to work with that person before and hehe..well..i not reveal too much details..:)

now this!!!...''take it and go'' has always been my tagline!! russel peters is awesome!!..mwah!!..i love u buddy!!

now if u ask me why i like this dude..coz..1.he's alooooot like my cuzin kevin..2.he's awesome for a 15 year old kid...very very matured!!..3.he has fucking awesome taste in music!! im not even kidding u!!!...:)

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