Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nothing Left Unsaid

As u probably already noe by now i have a soft spot for men who are artistic...i mean like kurt..he sings..directs..edits..plays just abt every musical instrument i noe...he produces his own music...write's his own songs...seriously...i melt wen i hear him sing...

not too long ago i had this khairy faqir...he was freaking talented..use to ask the girl who sits nex to me to move so he can sit nex to me..and he sings to me in school...his voice...omg!!!...awesome i normally sing with him..we were asked to join the school talent competition but too shy to be singing on stage...but man..he is artistic..he can draw like free hand and it would be an A++!!! joke...hw can ice skate like a pro! haih...missing u loaddss one sings for me anymore..which is why i watch kurt..Fucking talented!

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