Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Majorly Awesome People ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

ello!!!...well,if ur reading this blogpost,u better cancel off all ur appoinments for the hour!!...hehe..well first of all id like to thank my faithfull readers who never get bored of me ranting about almost everything and being patient with my randomness and my well...u noe everything else...sooo i was asked to write about me..and i was tinking..i sink at blowing my own trumpet!!...and so i've decided to write about..'why i am who i am'..:)

so,first of all i there's this one man who keep's teaching me stuff as i wake up every morning and he's there with me thru out the day and watches over me..warn's me if something's not right..put's the right ppl in my life if he knows im straying away from him..he's jus majorly awesome la..the only one who never get bored of me crying all the time..:)))..

yeap!!..that's him...

and then there's my superhero,my idol,my mentor,my friend,my shopping buddy,my walking atm machine,my driver,my cleaner,my support,my backbone,my strength!!!!!!damn she is one women to be admired after all that she's been thru and still is going thru,we've been thru thick and thin together and when and if i do become a mother someday i wanna be exactly like her the strength she has to keep going is like never ending...well,i wna be an her in everyway,awesome cooking skils,very very safe driving,a good home maker and most of all....a powerful prayer worrier!!!

and then there's the only man who never fails to make me smile every time im around him..even just the thought of him makes me cry..he challenges me to be better then i am,says tings he doesnt mean coz he know id do anything to jus prove him wrong..i noe he's secretly proud of me tho he doesnt say it out loud...he never hides anything from me,well he cant coz il always find out...he is one i can call on to anytime,anywer and he'll come..a very wise thinker,my adviser,my best friend!

and then comes all the brother's i wasn't born with who are majorly awesome!!and keep me young,who never get bored of me!  

and the sista's i wish i was born with


met her on my first day of school,when i was in standard one and we have and still are friends..:)

and then when i moved school i met



and then i went to secondary school and met

and then i moved school and met

and then i went to college and met miss silently awesome

haha...long list aye..

and for the MEN who make my life awesomer then it already is

and then comes the buddy's i have never met

tis singh fella...ahahah....i went to skul wit him

ahaaaa yesss...i almost forgot!!....hensem nephew's!!!!

ahaha...that's cheating...that's awesome cousin, ray and gorgeous aunty!!!melaka mari!!

i cant seem to get a picture of baby ray...will do sometime soon:(

well their names shall not be mentioned to maintain their identity confidential...*ahahahahahah...u proly already google searched them*..im lame i noe...bt i jus thought u shud noe the ppl who awesome majorly awesome who have played and still do play a vital role in my life...and well the reason im awesome is coz...they'r a big part of it!!!....*BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO THE MAJORLY AWESOME PEOPLE ABOVE!!!!!!*


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